Still going strong...kinda

woohoomanNovember 6, 2013

Still kinda going strong. Been pulling a plant here and there, all annuums. Did my last LARGE harvest, I think. Although frost isn't expected here for another couple months, I think what pods are going now(mainly chinense), I'm not counting for a huge last "flush." Days temps are great, but the decreasing sunshine and the cooler nights don't help.

Here's yesterday's haul.

What's up with pod size of Annuums???

Year after year, I notice that after the initial flush or 2, Annum pod size really suffers. Chinense varieties, I've noticed, keep their size consistent from 1st to last.

From top left to right(Annuums) --- Small Big Jim, Small Serrano, Small Mammoth Jalapenos, Small Guajillos

Middle Left to right --- Naga cross, 7 Pot, Naga Morich

Bottom -- Bhut


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Nice and red. :)

In all seriousness that is good looking. Here is what I got today. Hoping to keep my garden going strong over the winter in the GH.

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Good looking harvest guys. I pulled most of my stuff a week or so ago. I still have a couple plants, but they're looking pretty rough.


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

My annuums mostly get smaller late in the year, and the late-setting chinense do too. I think what you are seeing is that many chinense set their pods early then take FOREVER to ripen. So late in the year the summer pods are still there - big.


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Nice harvest! I know what you mean about later season peppers being smaller. I don't know if it's cooler temps, or shorter days or what, but, I've noticed that too. It seems more prominent in annuums, but, I've seen it in chinese as well.

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Kevin - Great looking harvest for November. It's been about a month now for any harvesting here in MN; so I enjoy seeing yours and others in warmer areas posting pics.

Per pods being smaller. I notice smaller pods as our days get shorter and cooler, so I'm thinking that weather has something to do with it. But hey, as long as I have pod production they can be whatever size they can get to!

jtight - Thanks for sharing your harvest pics too.


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Thanks everybody. Might have some more pics later on, but the decreased sunlight really slows everything down even if the daytime temps are still in the 80's.

DMF: you may be onto something there. Although, I do see some decent sized superhots stlll ripening.

Sandy: Glad to give you Northeners some eye candy during the cold winters. I hear you about pod size. Varieties like Jalapenos et al don't bother me too much with size. But to see an Anaheim plant loaded with FOUR inch pods gets frustrating because you know it's not going to be worth roasting and peeling.


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