Goliath Griller

markkNovember 20, 2012

We had good success last summer with a Pepper, Goliath Griller, and I am wondering if there is someone who can advise me on several things. I see that Reimers has it listed as an F1 Hybrid. Does this mean it will not come true from seeds? Reimers has TM beside the name, Goliath Griller. Did Reimers create this variety?

Where is a good place to get some good seeds of Goliath Griller? Reimers shipping prices are ridiculous! $5.75 plus $3.75 for ten seeds!

I am trying to get one cutting to make roots. Does this work?

I dug up the plant and put it in a pot, but too late, the frost likely killed it, I will see if the bottom green part will send out any leaves in a pot.

I am trying to get a head start because it was July before we got any peppers last year!

Thanks, -Mark from Kansas

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Yes it is a hybrid. Totally Tomatoes introduced the Goliath series, but I have no idea who developed it. There are 4 varieties of peppers in the series. 9 varieties of Goliath tomatoes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Goliath peppers

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Reimers has a sketchy-to-inept seed supply line, especially for the huge amount of peppers they offer. Age of seed seems to be a problem, too. Just a heads up.

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Thanks farmerdill and nc-crn. The cutting in water did not live but the frost-bit plant seems to be trying to put out a new leaf near the base of the plant. The stalk is about 1 inch in diameter and still somewhat green. Perhaps I can keep it alive all winter.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Yeah, it's hard to kill a chili. The plant will be fine. Just don't over-water.

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"Reimers has a sketchy-to-inept seed supply line"

It does look like Reimers has had some sort of crop failure, no seeds for the 2013 growing season. They have substitutions for most of the Goliath peppers. I have never ordered from them.

My brother grew a few of these (Goliath Grillers) last year. I had a few bites in some eggs for breakfast. They were great. I do want to grow some... maybe in 2014?

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I ordered several Goliath peppers and tomatoes from Totally Tomatoes this month. They substituted something else for every one. Last year I had a problem with one order of Goliath Cubanelle peppers producing peppers that were not what they should have been (a variety I have grown for several years, so I know what they should have been). Clearly there are problems at the seed farm.

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