hot pepper identification

Pet111November 11, 2013

Hi everybody. I'm new here and was wondering if somebody could help me ID the peppers in the picture. A friend brought me these peppers from a vacation. I want to try taking the seeds out and growing them. I started growing hot peppers (from seed) a little over two years ago and I make hot pepper jelly from the fruit (Umorok, Datil, Cayenne etc.), or use them in boiled peanuts. I only know that the pepper on the top right in the photo is a Trinidad Scorpion but don't know the others for sure. For size: The small yellow one is about as large as a Quarter.

This is for the person who wanted to know how to overwinter pepper plants; I cut mine way down and put them inside a greenhouse when it get below 40�F. They grow bigger and better every year.

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Going by the Caylix(sp?)
The yellow one with the large one is an Annuum-possibly a Squash pepper sold also as a scotch bonnet or as Jamaimcan Yellow hot.

Several Chinense look like the top yellow.
OR it could be a lot of other stuff.
If it is an Annuum it could be a Cheese pepper or?
WAY different taste than a Chinense.

The other red looks too similar to other red pods.

I assume you have no guess list to choose from.

Heat might be a help but then my idea of med. heat might be scorching hot to others.

I can't help you much.
I do think the yellow below the first one is an Annuum.
Sold also as a scotch bonnet but isn't.

Taste might help with the upper yellow.
Size too.
The Annums that look similar are usually a lot bigger than chinense varieties in general.

Any info on where the pods/seeds originally were obtained?

I doubt you have any Fruitsecence or Baccatum - off hand.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

The yellow one on the right resemble MANZANO. It is easy to find that out. Manzano is the only pepper that I know has black seeds and it has also thick wall. Heat is mild (12k -30k shu)

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Thank you guys for trying to help. The only other info I have is that those peppers came from Trinidad. When I heard my friend was going to Trinidad I told him to bring me a Moruga Scorpion. He came home with those four peppers. He ran into an old man who is growing them. He was told that they are all exceptionally hot but not quite as hot as the Moruga. I am guessing he may gave him a yellow scorpion and a caribbean red habanero which would kind of resemble the two peppers on the bottom of the picture. As for the yellow one being a manzano, I already found out that is isn't. It had started to rot on one side (I guess my friend had the peppers in that plastic bag too long) and to salvage the seeds I cut it open. They weren't black. I have no guesses about the small yellow one on the top. It looks like a flattened miniature yellow tomato.

Thanks again!

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