Fall Planting

manoactionSeptember 4, 2012

I've ordered re-ordered some trees from Stark Bros. to have planted for the fall to replace a few that didn't like this year's drought.

The problem is that they said the shipping date is Nov. 5th which seems hella late in the year to be planting things in Fort Collins.

The trees and raspberries are sticks/whips so they are already dormant, but the blackberries I believe are potted.

I'm new to gardening and wanted some advice. Do you all do fall planting? Does November sounds terribly late to anybody else?

Should I cover the raspberries/black berries with little PVC greenhouses?

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Fall planting is a great time to plant in Colorado. November is pushing it a little but you'll probably be fine early in the month.

If the plants are bare-root plants packed in sawdust, you'll need to plant them right away, regardless of the weather, because of the potential for dehydration.

CSU offers helpful suggestions about planting bare-root trees at http://www.cmg.colostate.edu/gardennotes/633.html.

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Thanks for that link and the encouragement.

Any ideas about blackberries if they are being delivered in pots? Do they still have a chance?

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I'd still go with planting them vs trying to keep them going in pots all winter.

Just keep in mind that the biggest problem we have is the dry winters - the soil dries out, and then the wind, sun, and low humidity does a number on what ever is out of the ground, particularly in the spring. You might try wrapping the trunks with that white tape stuff.

So I'd check the soil moisture every few weeks and water them as needed.

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I agree with David. Go ahead and plant them.

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