seeds any good?

sgtmacSeptember 24, 2012

While cleaning out my garage, I came across a plastic bag with a note dated 1992. attached to the note was an envelope dated 1957. It had rose seeds in it and the name "Purple rose of ------". I couldn't make out the last word. They were from my grandfather.

Is there any chance at all that these seeds could be viable? I read about peroxide and water treatment, putting them in the fridge for months etc. Anyone who has a thought, other than throw them away, I'd like to hear it.


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More than likely, they're no good. They're probably also not "roses", but "Rose of Sharon". Hibiscus syriacus or Althea. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Rose of Sharon

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You may be right about Sharon (his writing and spelling are pretty bad) very odd shaped seeds. Like little spikey brown clumps. Well, a little dirt and fertilizer this spring....perhaps I can fool mother nature. If not, transplant some pepper plants!

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