Is This Possible?

first_time_gardenerSeptember 19, 2006

Was wondering if it is possible to get new growth on rose cuttings if they haven't rooted yet? I have three cuttings right now with between 1 and 2 inches of new growth on each of them - one has three new 1 inch growths on it - but none have roots or calouses yet? Is that common and does this mean they are still doing well?

I'm confused??? LOL


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rosyone(z8 north Louisiana)

Angel, it's something that often happens when the cutting's axillary buds are already beginning to break dormancy at the time it is taken. I'm afraid it isn't a good sign, but it is easily avoided, fortunately. Just make sure the buds at the nodes of any future cuttings are still dormant. For rapidly repeating roses that generally means taking your cuttings a little earlier, before the plant starts gearing up for the next bloom cycle.

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