Just transplanted a 'found rose'

trinquette(6)September 7, 2008

Several days ago I noticed a scraggly rose trying (and somewhat succeeding) to grow in almost full shade under one of our rain leaders, on the north side of the house. I only have two own root roses, some distance away. So, it may be a long sucker or a volunteer seedling. I cut off some scraggly growth, dug down as far as I could, gently pulled up the root and planted it on the southern side of our yard, against a fence. There is some shade but a fair amount of sun, during the late morning, particularly. Due to Hannah, the ground is moist. I dug a deep hole, soil is good, and watered it in. Does anyone think it has a chance? I couldn't believe it was growing where it was. Anything special I should do to help it survive the winter?

Thanks, everyone. I love this forum. Looking forward to germinating my OP New Dawn rose hips after seeing all the new rose babies people are showing off.

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