Rose cutting question- advice please

hummersteveSeptember 23, 2013

I have several cuttings that apear close to rooting and some that maybe are. But what to do as cold weather approaches . Should they be left outside or should they at least spend the winter in my garage. Im not sure how to proceed being a newbie with new rose cuttings. Right now they are in sand in a flower box. Are they ready to be potted , if so then what as frosty weather is not that far away.

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I have a similar problem - I'm in Zone 7a, and my first little rooted cuttings have taken their time this summer, but they're happily about 6-8" tall now, healthy, and in 5" pots.
Should I pot them up to 6" with potting soil; should I fertilize (even weakly)...and what to do about winter?
They are all cuttings from Just Joey.

Thank you,

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I just went ahead and potted up 3 that appear ready to me. In a 6" pot with potting soil , vermiculite and my home grown worm castings. We shall see what happens. Im still not sure what to do come cold weather, Im guessing leave them outside.

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seil zone 6b MI

I wish I could give you some idea what to do. I have several new cuttings myself and I'm planning on putting them in the little greenhouse I have for my seedlings. I don't know if that will work or not. I would say to put them in the garage or shed if you can as it would probably be just a little warmer and protected from the wind inside. Remember to give them some water all winter though! They should not get completely dried out because that usually kills cuttings right away.

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I also took a few more rose cuttings and brought all cuttings from outside inside and have them inside under a 7" cutting dome under shoplights. Im happy to reveal that the most advanced cuttings[4] are now putting out some nice long white roots. I have a total of 17 now under the dome. I will keep them under lights and dome for awhile although I will at some point pot the rooting cuttings up.

I have read that it may not be the best thing to keep rose cuttings inside - so should move those cuttings into my garage and hope for the best- Im still not sure how to proceed from this point.

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I have over 300 rooted cuttings that I keep on a bakers rack in a sunny window and close to heater vent, They are doing great

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view1ny NY 6-7

laurajean, 300 cuttings? wow. are you planning on leaving them inside all winter?

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Laurajean; is there any chance to get a few of the 300 already rooted roses?I know,it is somewhat in bad taste to be so forward but roses do make me forget good manners.

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Yes I will be leaving them indoors all winter, I have now had to add some plant lights, because we are having gloomy days, But they are all doing great. I can't stop looking at them I'm so happy. They are still to small to give away or I would be glad too

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I think you'll be ok with what you're doing Steve. Just keep them in the garage til spring. They should be ok.

I put mine on my back patio with fluorescent lights on a timer from 4:00-11:00pm. I also have heating pads under the greenhouses with tall clear domes over them. I put clay pebbles in the bottom of the trays and keep them wet. They provide moisture to the exposed canes. I also put a piece of my shadecloth over them to help keep in the warmth. I've had a few cuttings turn black, but many are hanging in there and staying green. I've been doing the burrito method and then potting them up. It's not working that well tho. So, I might just start potting the cuttings up in the greenhouse trays without trying to get the callousing going first. It's just an experiment. But, if I had left these babies out in the cold, they would've died. We got a small snowstorm on Friday and there's still an inch or more on the ground today. It got down to like 17 degrees the other night, and the cuttings still seem to be ok. I think the heating pads are key to keeping them alive now.

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