Martine Guilott

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)June 12, 2009

This rose has a lovely fragrance-

This is from last year.


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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Florence, that is another very lovely rose that you grow in your garden! Perfect bud shape and I like the pale color very much. I have never heard of Martine Guilott before. Please, can you tell me a little bit more about this rose (rose class, repeat, disease resistance, time lasting in a vase etc.)?

Thanks for posting!

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Outstanding. Is it a Romantica?

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About my Martine Guillot -A friend of mine had to move and she gave me this rose--I'm not sure where she purchased this rose.--It has only been in my garden for about 2 years---I really like it and it reminds me of my friend.

--I'm sorry but my spelling was wrong on the post----It is listed on HMF under MARTINE GUILLOT-----

It looks like it is available at several nurseries.

I have an old catalog from Arena Rose Co.which has a lovely picture and description It is listed as a Generosa rose from Rosaraie Guillot and commemorates the lovely wife of Jean-Pierre Guillot

Hope this helps--


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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Florence, thanks for giving me some more info about this rose.

I looked at Helpmefind and found some more photos of this rose and I think it is so charming!

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Florence, you have the greatest roses! They've got charm, beautiful fragrance and romantic history to them! I love looking at your threads because! you get these deeply fragrant roses that I would die for! To me true beauty is also in the scent of a rose! And your roses are not the standard J&P or Weeks roses or even the standard Austins but something far more special to me, opens our eyes to a new world! I swore to myself that never again, would I be stuck with a scentless or pathetic-smelling rose... When I get my garden expanded into whites, creams and peaches, I will be getting Martine Guilott... I am slowly integrating apricots and will work my way into whites, being inspired by your roses...

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

It looks great, especially in the Bouquet. Its nice to put a great smelling rose on the table (or in my case) on the desk to enjoy.

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Serena---I will be looking forward to your pictures as your garden develops-----I too like fragrant roses---I love to leave my doors and windows open and let the fragrance come in the windows--My newest Zeffy is right outside the windows over my sink and it is delightful. Lyda Rose starts blooming just as Zeffy stops --- Love it

The only fragrance I don't like is Myrrh----I have a beautiful Constance Spry but I can't stand that smell--

some people like it but is is not pleasing to me.

good luck with your garden


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clanross(7b Virginia)

I grow Martine Guillot and Paul Bocuse. My Martine gets very large in our warm climate and blooms all summer. It's one of my favorites. I've had it for 6-7 years and it has never failed to please. Paul Bocuse does not smell quite as sweet to me as my Martine, but is a beautiful apricot and lasts the longest in the vase of any rose I have. It's hard to find roses that can take our hot, sticky weather, but Martine has. :)

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I really like this rose too, it has made a nice hedge with some other shrub roses.

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I'm looking forward to spring this year---It will be interesting to see how MG has grown with little or no care.

It is a lovely rose.

Serena if you like cream and apricot I've had good luck with Compassion---


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Hi,Florence and Karen! Florence I got your Compassion! Yours was the rose I had also asked about long ago on another thread...and I did order it from Roses Unlimited. I also got your Viking Queen. I told Jim that I was getting both your roses. But Viking Queen I had to get from a new vendor, because no own root place was carrying it. I absolutely love RU, but this new vendor seems very friendly. She is based in the Appalachian mountains, and just recently had some really good reviews on HMF finder so that was how I found her. But VQ will be a baby band so it will be quite awhile before it can mature. I'm not sure when I'll be getting this rose. It could be May, it could be July, it really depends on how big it gets. I just want to be sure it is large enough to survive the UPS journey. I am also very excited about Connie Hartwood's Marchesa Boccella (which Krista recommended). I am hopping eager to get this rose! also I kept ranting and raving about Boxofrox's Livin' Easy, and that Jim needs to get this rose if he wants blackspot resistant, abundant and easy to care for rose. Sue has particular tastes in the color of her roses, and so I've been busy rose-stealing everyone's fantastic selections, LOL!

Karen, very very pretty hedge view of Martine Guilott.

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annhelen(8b GA)

I had this rose at my previous residence for a few years, and when I moved I dug it up and took it with me. Very glad I did. I no longer remembered the name until I recently found the receipt from Wayside Gardens from 11 years ago. It is huge and covered with beauties in early spring and then lesser but continuous bloom thereafter until very cold weather. It still blooms here in the winter. I give her plenty of cow manure and etc. I think she must be 7 feet tall with the same width. I keep her pruned. Lovely, lovely blooms. Great choice for the hot south. Can't recommend her enough!

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