Please help!!The stems on my cuttings are starting to turn black!

jettajadeSeptember 7, 2011

I have one rose from my friend's funeral that I seriously wanted to root, to keep as a momento of her. I cut the stem into several clippngs using the ziplock bag method. It's been one month tomorrow, and so far three of them had been putting out new growth, and one did die, but 2 of them were looking good until now. The stem is starting to turn black about halfway up, is there anything that can be done to save them? any help would be appreciated. I keep them under a lamp 24/7 on top of my computer printer, with the bags sealed.

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It seems like they could be dying from the bottom up! I've had that happen with many of my cuttings but they only die up to the soil level.

If they are dying from the bottom, you could cut them off and re-plant the tops. But it's a tough call because that is risky, and it may not be what is actually happening. Can you post pictures?

I just asked someone in another thread how many hours a day you can run a lamp on roses, but without an answer yet I would STRONGLY suggest you put them on a timer to be safe.

I do know the vast majority of plants require a daily dark period in order to grow properly. Try 16 hours a day of light, giving them 8 hours of darkness which mimics the longest days of summer. I've seen growers of some types of plants push that even higher - up to 18 or 20 hours - but they always allow some darkness. Maybe lack of a dark period is what's preventing the cuttings from setting properly.

Also, make sure the lamp you are using is sold as a light for plants, or is a full-spectrum light as similar as possible to sunlight, rather than an incandescent lamp which is not only hot, but usually tilted towards reddish/yellowish wavelengths which do not give plants what they need. Different wavelengths initiate different processes in a plant and help regulate growth.

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I absolutely agree about the lights. I remember when I used to grow orchids that if I kept the lights on for too long, the leaves would start to die back. Giving them constant light will force them into a state of perpetual growth and will kill them eventually. Also, did you use rooting hormone??


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