clear success! "Advanced Burrito Modification"

overdriveSeptember 17, 2012

Pics to come tomorrow!

A really difficult to root rose, for some reason, Hansa. I have really good luck in past with Winchester Cathedral, and had no idea how tough Hansa was going to be.

#1 - wet medium, no matter how sterile = no good.

#2 - even really porous medium, such as perlite/bark, barely damp = still no good - eventually there is mold everywhere, and everything goes black.

#3 "the secret" (shh.shh.) go back to the old "organic" way - you know how everyone just says they stick it in the ground and it grows? - why is that? - because even though the ground is not sterile, it has a large community of organisms that act together for the common good, which has evolved over millions of years. So the "secret" is no secret: medium = 50%leaf compost mixed with worm castings, to provide plenty of beneficial bacteria that eat the fungal spores, 25% ground hardwood bark (for air), and 25% peat moss, to hold it all together.

5 weeks ago, I stuck the 5th set of cuttings, after 4 dismal failures.

1 week ago, they were looking good, but no active growth, so since it was a slightly rainy day, I put then out in the rain, to give the cuttings full water saturation (pots went from 260 to 330 grams,so 70 grams more of water, for a 3.5" peat pot, is about a quarter cup, to give you the idea. In other words they started off barely wet, and after 4 weeks they got a heavy watering. Now that everything was so wet, , I totally removed the covers (clear plastic lids), because being so wet, it will get mouldy, and with the lids off for 4 days, all the leaves are still perfect. I thought one of the leaves was wilting, so I pulled that one up, and it had full callus along the ENTIRE length of the stem, and a few good roots, so I quickly repotted it. Compared to conventional cuttings, I did about 50/50 Adv-Mod-Burrito with conventional, and AMB did far better. Some of the peat pots actually had 3/3 success (i put 2-3 cuttings per pot).

cheers, and have a nice day - still not to late to take more cuttings, so I am going to do another two trays later this week! - paul m.

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For some reason I always had success with Hansa. But that may have been because I did what you suggested, just stuck the cuttings in the ground. Here they are in a raised bed where I stuck the cuttings after I pruned. This is after 2 years growth. It was experiment I tried that worked. I have since given them all away. Should have kept one because something killed my Hansa years later.

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My very first rose cutting was rooted this way. I didn't know any better at the time. It was a Medallion which at the time I called Drooping Beauty because I didn't know the name and when I first saw it, the long canes bent down with the large flowers almost touching the ground. This year I was trying to root a Felecia and failing and the plant made it's own copy where it touched down on the soil. I am so glad because my old Felecia is a thick old one cane special these days. The new one is so thin and flexible and I'm thinking of just letting it grow where it rooted.

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roots are coming out of the bottom of the peat-pots, so I moved them to larger plastic pots. they are now under continuous overdriven fluorescent, with lamps at 5" from the canopy. There are a few new shoots sprouting, and once they all sprout, I'll move them to almost touch the lamps.

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Link to pictures, they are really doing well. I have set up another 2 dozen leaf-bud cuttings, and we are into fall at the moment, so I am going to experiment with cold temperature rooting - 50 degrees F, and see what happens. The reason to do this, is the rose foliage tends to go yellow and fall off if held at 70 degrees - this must be due to some kind of fungus, so I would like to inhibit the fungus by keeping the temperature down, and the garage right now gives me temp in the 48 - 52 F degree range.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of the Leaf-Bud rose cuttings, sending up canes!

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