overwintering rose cuttings

yellow_rose_man(z3 Ont.)September 29, 2009

Hi everyone,it's that dreaded time of year coming again.I have several rose cuttings growing in the hoophouse now,they are in one gallon pots and are mostly around 12" tall. I plan to move them into one of our old barns,where the cattle keep the temperatures just above freezing.My question is,should I prune them back once the real cold weather hits,or just move them in the way that they are right now?Do i need to strip leaves off,etc.,or just keep them cool and comfortable for the winter?

Any advice would greatly be apprecited.

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The daily temp varies from day to day this time of year Let em get as much air as they can get as long as the day long temp is abouve 40 let em stay out.

Cold days Set them on a bench at at least 4 inches high or higher with a foot or two between each pot.

Even when it is REAL cold you will still need to water weekly just enough so they don't dry out. Let the leaves stay on as long as they can stay on, keep the area clean as possible of dead, fallen or infected leaves.

The air in your barn still might not be enough be on the ready for powdery mildew and cut and treat accordanly you wont need to remove any good looking or newly sprouting leaf(s) Powdery mildew has appreared on me every plant every time Get K-Neem read label and apply accordinly List of things youll need each week include Water Hand Prunner K- Neem ( I know your going to wear a winter coat but why run back and forth in winter right )

If your subject to a " Indian Summer " let em come out and breath take advantage of any warmer day for the breath of air I use 45 or above as a guide even then I have to move em in at night

Fertilizing can be done depending on whats already in the pots my typical When I pot ready a rose plant for winter storing I use a cup of bone meal a cup of bloob meal and perlite to a ready compost mixed well then put plant and mixure in pot(S) I found this mixture to do a nice easy vitamin feeding during winter months. Third week of Feb then you can add a small amount of your rose fert * example if the plant calls for one cup per month during growing season use 1/4

I am already looking forward to some pics from you being posted when they blossum

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