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catsrose(VA 6)September 27, 2008

For those of you who do not know, Vintage Garden is the largest [retail] collection of old roses--and a good many newer ones. VG is pretty much the North Star of the rose community. Without them, we'd be lost. I don't mean to imply there are no other stars--we are more than grateful to all other rose nurseries, rosarians, collectors, etc. But, VG's knowledge, research, and nursery stock is unsurpassed. Even if all you grow are minis and hybrid teas, someday you will need them.

As with so many businesses these days, VG has been hit by the down turn in the economy and there is a possibility they will close. Everyone who has ever grown a rose will lose if they do. If you aren't familiar with them, take a look at their site. Here's the link

For those who are not on the VG mailing list, in Gregg's email today he announced the new availability list and the first installment of new [old] roses for '09. He also adds this spring will determine whether or they can continue and says that more detail will be out in next week's newsletter.

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