Cukes on Queue

digit(ID/WA)September 10, 2013

I usually grow Turbo, added Poinsett in recent years, and often another American slicer and either Tasty Green or Tasty King Japanese cukes. Then, there are the Lemon Cukes!

This year, I don't have the long Japanese cucumbers but decided that I'd grow some American slicers that are new to me, in addition to the Turbo & Poinsett.

Several years ago, I wanted to try a Beit Alpha cucumber and chose Diva. After harvesting nearly nothing, it took me a few years and I came across Muncher, a Beit Alpha. I'm sure glad I did :P! They aren't remarkably different but they are somewhat. Just great with a kind of distinctive flavor . . . (and, they grow well for me :o).

Here are 3 Munchers with a few Talladega, an American slicer. Now, it certainly wasn't the name that attracted me, altho' I now know that there is a town in Alabama with that name. Talladega stands tall, if you prop it upright. It is one BIG 10" slicing cucumber - just dandy! I wanted you to have a look at the 2 of them!


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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Nice looking cukes, digit! So the Talladega are the two at the bottom of the pic? Quite a bit larger than the Munchers!

I only grew one cuke plant this year, and chose the lemon cuke. I really like them - light and tender, and so easy to just slice one or two up in a salad :)


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I've been growing Diva excessively for several years now, although I'll admit I haven't figured them all the way out. I have two vines now and not a single cuke.

They are hard to germinate. And then, I'll end up with huge bushes, covered with flowers, and few cukes. Then finally, something happens, and boom, here they come.

But they taste great, no matter how big they get, and they make great pickles. I will try this Muncher of which you speak.

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MuCh ToO hOt! Above 90of again here. I wrote a response. Fell asleep after too much sun and my response disappeared!

Well, it was just that: Yes, the Talladega are at the bottom. And, I really like the lemon cucumbers too!

Muncher is an open-pollinated variety but I understand that cucumbers cross-pollinate easily . . .


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