Walnut Brittle

Bill_Missy(8b)November 3, 2013

Have plenty of Red Bhut's so I said what the hell. Make brittle.... I made one batch with 2 fresh and another batch with 3 dried Ghost peppers. Very good and very spicy. The batch with the 3 dried ghost by far is hotter than the one with the 2 fresh peppers.

Top slab is two fresh peppers and bottom broken up pieces is three dried peppers.

NOTE: When making with dried/crushed peppers at 270F, it will force the wife out of the house and not so happy.......


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That sounds amazing. Is there a brittle recipe out there that you follow?

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where is the like button

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Bill - Your brittle sounds intriguing. It got me thinking about Xmas goodies to make with hot peppers. IâÂÂm sure thereâÂÂs a good cookie or two that would be good, and of course brownies or bars. .

I love yours and everyone elseâÂÂs ideas on how to incorporate peppers into the daily diet!

Keep the ideas and if possible the recipes coming.......

Oh - has anyone made hot roasted nuts? We buy them but got thinking it shouldn't be to hard to make our own.


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