Plant ID request

jimr36(5b CO)September 20, 2013

Seeking help identifying the flowering plant in the attached picture. Bees and moths like it. It has pinkish / pinkish white flowers. The flowers are actually quite small, maybe 1/4" or smaller. Thanks.

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Hm - that's a new one to me! Maybe Skybird will chime in, she's an encyclopedia of plant knowledge.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

LOL! Thanks for the vote of confidence, Amester, but I'm afraid the encyclopedia seems to be missing a few pages in this case! I looked at the pic the first day Jim posted it, and have been thinking about it ever since, and still don't have a clue what it is! The flowers look like two or three different things I can think of---but the leaves don't match any of them!

I was sorta hoping Dan might show up to have a look at it. He's really good at identifying things too.

While I'm here I'll ask a question! Is it a perennial--comes back year after year, or is it an annual--planted this spring and will die when it freezes? if it's an annual, that would explain why I don't recognize it.

If something suddenly pops into my head, I'll be back, but at this point I'd say don't count on it! But I really hope somebody around here knows what it is, 'cause I'll keep wondering about it until I, hopefully, find out what it is!

If nobody here on RMG can identify it in the next several days you might want to try posting it on the Plant ID Forum--or whatever they call it! And if you do manage to get it identified somewhere else, I'd really appreciate it if you came back here to let us know what it is!

It sure is pretty!


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popmama Zone 5(5)

It looks a bit like a variety of stonecrop to me.

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Maybe milk weed?

Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia Milkweed

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Looks like sedum to me. Are the leaves thin, like a rose leaf, or are they fleshy, like a cactus?

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jimr36(5b CO)

Thanks for the comments and help. I've been leaning towards sedum of some type, based on similarities to pictures found online, though I haven't looked at some of the other suggestions here.

To answer littlelizzy123: the leaves are sort of fleshy, like cactus. I'm going to add a close up of the tiny flowers too, and maybe that will help.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

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Since the leaves are cactus like, I'd say is a sedum. The flowers also look very much like one of mine.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

If the leaves are thick like a succulent, I concur that it's most likely Sedum spectabile, one of the upright sedums. The leaves looked too thin in the first pic, and the flowers didn't look quite right to me either, but there are lots of varieties and I've just never seen one with such pale pink flowers.

It looks a little "wimpy" for an upright sedum, and that could be because it's not getting enough sun. Do you have it in FULL sun? If not I think you'll find it stays much more upright, with stronger stems and larger flowers if you can move it to a place with more sun. Check out the pics in the link below. (If it's already getting a lot of sun, watering it less often could help to get it more upright and less "floppy" too.)

If you want more of them (assuming that is what it is), next spring when new growth is starting, snip off a few shoots about 2" long, remove the lower leaves, and stick the cuttings up to the remaining 2 or 4 leaves into a small pot with store-bought soil. Wait till they root out to the bottom of the pot and plant it in the garden! Sedum is VERY easy to root.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sedum spectabile pics

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Sorry, haven't been to these boards in a while ... another vote here for sedum.

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Another vote for sedum here too. I don't have anything exactly like it, but have had close.

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monben(z3/4 CO)

Sedum family.... I love it, though. I'd love a piece of it!

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