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This problem may have already discussed here but i couldn't find any information so I decided to start a new topic.

I bought my first pair of roses about a week ago from a local nursery here in Botswana. Within a few days, the leaves on one of them started turning yellow. There is a spider web like layer on the leaves and white powdery stuff on the leaves. On close examination, I found the white powdery stuff moving on the leaves. I sprayed an insecticide called Rose care 3 on the leaves on Sunday. The yellow leaves are falling off now. Yesterday I noticed the second plant showing the same signs as above.

What is the above problem and what causes it? Can these plants be saved? Is it attacking the leaves only or will the whole plant eventually die? Will my other indoor plant be affected as well? None of the other plants I have show these symptoms - does this attack roses only?

I appreciate your replies.


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george_mander(5 to 6)

I am sure you have spider mites the way you explain it.
Go to Google and type in "Spider mites on roses" and you will get about 530 results.
Make sure, if it's more than one word, that you put it in quotation marks.

In case you don't know about Google, go to my web-site and there is a link on my links page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roses of Excellence

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