Small Rose

adattOctober 14, 2009

I have planted a rose. Plant has grown well all leaves are healthy. Today first rose bloomed and it had only four petals. When I had purchased this cutting it had a fuller rose on it.

I have grown it in a pot.

Suggestion needed to improve rose quality

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If you got it as a cutting, even a rooted cutting, your rose is still a baby;
give it some time, & maybe snip off the buds until the plant is bigger & stronger.

I wish you the best luck!

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hi i have tea roses 2 bushes in large flower pots. How can i make many new rose bushes .? how do i get cutings from them and how do i root them.? aND WHEN CAN I DO THIS ? Thank you.. Mike

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I would suggest to shift rose to the garden land from pot..
This smallness of the rose is surely due to the small pot dimensions.
It is not getting the energy it wants. There is nothing wrong with plant genre as you told the plant has big rose on top when you purchased
So simply take the rose out of pot to the soil and then after few weeks you will see beautiful rose of high size

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