Freeze warning. What to do?

Bill_Missy(8b)November 11, 2013

Hello all,

I am in zone 9B and we received a freeze warning for two day. I know I can put my potted plants in the garage. But what is the best way to protect the "in-ground" ones? I have black trash bags or sheets (Don't tell the wife :) ) or I have clear painters plastic. No time to run to the store right now. We are suppose to get lows of 31F for the next 2 nights with day temps of 75ish.


Here is a picture of a 80 inch tall Reaper next to a 76 inch Red Bhut. They are budding and flowering like crazy right now and I do not want to lose them.



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These pictures where taken about 30 minutes ago. This is pods on the Bhut plant and it is LOADED

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Here is another loaded in ground plant I am concerned with... And have many more like these. I would cry if I lost these because of cold lol...

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You have them against a house wall so that helps.

If I was in your position... I wish, we're getting 18F tonight, I'd cover them in the painters plastic. Be sure to get the plastic down to ground level. you want to capture as much reseved heat from the ground as you can inside the cover.

Cross your fingers and they should be OK.

Really, peppers are pretty tough. They should be OK for the few hours below freezing with a little help.

Best off luck..


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If you can prop the plastic over some tall sticks/stakes (or tall shovels you poke into the ground) to get a cover over the plants without it touching them too much then they can get a little protection. Being up next to the house will also help with the radiant may want to tape/attach the plastic to the side of the house after propping it up in order to get some of the radiant heat from the house helping the plants if you want a little extra protection. You can hold down the plastic with rocks, stakes, or anything heavy on the bottom end. It's temporary, so it doesn't have to be "pretty."

If they need watering, go ahead and do it.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Sheets. Throw them over the plants and get the edges down to the ground so there is no air circulation. 31F is no big deal - provided that it is not the high.

I suppose that plastic is okay but I find that sheets are more flexible and less likely to damage the plants. YMMV.

(We have low of 25F predicted for Wed-Fri so I'll have a chance to see just how far covering plants can go.. Fortunately I found two nice people who wanted to dig a couple plants so the list of those at risk is shorter than it was last week.)


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Thanks for the info guys. The cold and wind is here. I think all my in-ground plants are goner's, but the potted plants are in the garage and house.


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get the things called, "plankets." In your case cut them in half , stretch over the plants, a/ then duct tape that to the house. Put yard stakes in the ground for the other pieces.

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