Can plants sense their surroundings and other life? READ

bob_in_coloradoSeptember 1, 2012

Ok so I'm a bit of a science geek, and although this is dated, I think it kind of ties into today theories of quantum physics.

Do plants react when we are happy or sad, to sounds, to the way that other life forms around it feel?

Many of you may remember the old show, In Search Of...

This was their first episode and tackles just these questions.

"In Search Of... Other voices"

Some interesting stuff. It's about 23 mins. The green thumb test is fascinating.

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Thanks for posting this, Bob.

I came on RMG today to share the link below. Hope it is okay to put something here about perverse Cucumber Tendrils. It is kind of a similar theme and even sounds a bit naughty, eh?

BTW - when those table lights came out that were supposed to turn on/off when someone touched the plant growing in the attached pot, my neighbor bought one. She claimed that I was the only person to get the thing to work. I noticed that the light, pot & plant disappeared only a few days after I performed my amazing stunt . . .


Click on the "Unwinding the Cucumber Tendril Mystery" box:

Here is a link that might be useful: Science Friday

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