GawdinFever(z5b/St. Louis, MO)October 12, 2007

I have tried most everyone's methods. Not much luck at all!

I make sure I take healthy cuttings

I take care not to contaminate rooting hormone

Use 'ideal' temperatures

Have used a variety of soiless mixes

Wash my hands thoroughly and sanitize EVERYTHING!

But I ALWAYS end up with rot, black leaves, mold, etc

I've watered with diluted peroxide and such, but STILL no luck!?

Any suggestions? CAN I mist/water with something to combat this?



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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

without actually seeing your set up and how you do your cutings, it's very hard to help you. pics would help. just off of the top of my head, 2 things come to could have your soiless mix too wet, or you could be scraping your cuttings too deeply..donna

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GawdinFever(z5b/St. Louis, MO)

I think you were right, Donna, in that the medium was too wet! I changed out the medium. I stuck the cuttings only a couple of days ago.
Hopefully, these cuttings won't succumb to mold this time!

I appreciate your response, too!

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Hmm, you are doing cuttings now? I know some people have good luck with fall cuttings, but I'm not among them. The June flush tends to work better for me.

... and the repeated mention of watering, misting, makes it sounds like too much moisture may be an ongoing problem.

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george_mander(5 to 6)

Check out the post above :
"Problems with rooting? Check this out !"

Here is a link that might be useful: Roses of Excellence

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GawdinFever(z5b/St. Louis, MO)

Thank you for the link, George! VERY, VERY helpful! ;)

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GawdinFever(z5b/St. Louis, MO)

Thank you all! Especially you George M!
Less than a month, and I have roots!!! Made my day!
I have never been able to get my roses to root, with the exception of sticking them near the mother plant outdoors!

I've had them in the basement which runs roughly, about 65F at night and 72-74F during the day. I have used no bottom heat this time, because of the ideal temps of the area they are in.
I used one of those 32oz juice jugs that I cut about 9" deep. Used soiless mix that initially was too wet. Repotted so that they were just barely damp and covered with a cut-off 2 ltr soda bottle and one with a gallon sized ziplock over the top with straws holding the bag away from the leaves. Of course, I used cuttings that had just bloomed that were cut about 12-14" in length. I cut the flower heads and most of the bottom leaves off. When I made the final cut before sticking, I made the cut at an angle to get as much area exposed as possible, for the future roots. I very used a sanitized and extremely sharp knife to slice the out layer of the stem, without disturbing the cambian too much. I dipped the cutting in rooting powder (basic stuff from HD, I believe.). Shook off the excess and gently placed in the hole of the mixture that I had widened to some degree with a sanitized spatula handle (not too big, not too small so as to rub or knock off the rooting powder). Then I tapped the container on the counter to settle the mix around the cutting. Watered lightly, misted the leaves and covered. One important thing I did this time, was to resist the temptation to tug on the cutting in anticipation as I did before a couple of times! I am so tickled and so proud!!! I can't explain the elation I feel, everyone! I now have 5 rooted cuttings!


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