exterior location for winter propgation.....

fleursuzie(z8 mid ga)October 30, 2011

First off, I have a bunch of "miniature" rose plants at the front of my house...the reason I quoted it, is that they were supposedly miniature, but are more like minifloras. I spaced them appropriately, but they have grossly overgrown the size they were supposed to be, and some are now not getting enough sun and are stunting (due to others over-growing them).

Anyway, last winter I had planned on moving them once they went dormant. The only problem is that they didn't (and it snowed 3 times last winter and it was unseasonably cold last year).

I again want to try to move them this coming winter, but I am planning on doing quite a few cuttings now...just to be on the safe side in the event I lose one or more of the ones I am going to move.

I have a feeling that last year they didn't go into complete dormancy because is that the wall to the house is deep maroon brick, and it gets considerable afternoon sun, creating a warmer micro-climate than the ambient air temps (at least for the soil).

Am I wrong in thinking that this might be a perfect place to place my cuttings? They will get direct light, but it will be considerably cooler than, say, in the summer. I will place them under clear cups and can cover them during hard freezes.

Note: I live in eastern middle Georgia.

Thanks for any advice! (and sorry for the long post)

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seil zone 6b MI

If the soil doesn't freeze in that area I'd say it should work. I have a wall where the soil never quite freezes and I've done it here once.

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