daveinohio_2007(5)October 14, 2009

Rose seeds available free to anyone wanting to grow from seed:

Country Dancer X Alex. Mackenzie;

Earth Song X Alex. Mackenzie;

Prairie Joy X Alex. Mackenzie;

Quietness X Alex. Mackenzie;

Country Dancer op (these often make nice plants).

Gallicas (these won't bloom until 2011):

Chianti X James Mason;

Rosa Mundi X James Mason;

Tuscanny Superb X James Mason.

Don't wait until January to ask for seeds! Then the cold weather will kill the sprouting seeds in the mail.

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Hi Dave,
Are these seeds from the actual crosses or are they OP seeds from these plants? If these are seeds from the actual crosses, I'll take some Prairie Joy x Alex seeds.


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Can I have some seeds of prairie joy x alex and quietness x alex please ?I have country dancer and am going to try the seeds from the hips.This being my first attempt at growing from seed , it would be nice to get started with seeds that have good chance of germinating.I will be happy to to pay for the expense involved in mailing the seeds.Thanks for offering .

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All seeds are from cross pollinations, except for the Country Dancer ops.
Paul: you can have the PJXAM seeds (10 seeds);
Dana: you can have the QuietnessXAM batch (28 seeds).
Seeds are on a layer of moist sand in sterile petri dishes; all you have to do is put the dish in frig and wait for germination to begin in early January.
Send your mailing addresses to

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All seeds have been taken.
Thanks to all who responded.
Hopefully you will get some nice seedlings.

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