Use grow light with rose cuttings?

garrai81October 7, 2007

I got some cuttings from my great-aunt's house, cut them and trimmed off the bottom leaves, dipped them in rootone, and stuck them in potting soil.

Now, should I use a grow light 10 inches away from the rose cuttings? They are sitting in a somewhat dark place where they will get no direct sun, but some weak, indirect evening sun light.




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flower2sew(z6 Indep MO)

In the winter, I often root florist roses under grow lights. It is an option

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Thanks very much for commenting.


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I've just taken 180 cuttings, I put them under warm white fluoros in a 1241cw shoplight fixture. I use either Kitchen and Bath 2800K lights, or TCP T8 3000K lights. These lamps have a nice balanced spectrum that is quite beneficial for all stages of growth including rooting. Red light is important in rooting for some plants. I use a bank
of 11 fixtures to illuminate a 4 x 6' suspended garden, and
start out with every other fixture on, gentle light, until they're rooted, and then use more intense light for when active growth commences. Then I overdrive the fixture when
the bushes are good and big, to keep everything squat and compact. Paul Mozarowski.

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