Rose leaf-but cuttings, Burrito modification, with picture

overdriveOctober 4, 2012

Inspired by Burrito, I could see that you can bury the whole stem. With Burrito, the leaves are taken off, but wouldn't it be better to keep one leaf on? This is formally called a leaf-bud cutting, but I call it the Advanced Burrito Modification, because it builds on the Burrito idea, and makes it better - such as no transplanting step required!

As you can see, 7 weeks later, the cutting has rooted nicely! and the bud is sending up a nice cane!

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seil zone 6b MI

Wow! Never seen this done before. It certainly does look healthy!

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How did you do this method for us newbies? step by step, Please:)

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step by step:
1: find the mother plant, and make sure she is healthy: treat with antifungal spray and insecticides, according to conscience.
2. once you are sure of the health, prepare your medium. According to Allison Jack, PhD in soil, the bacteria in compost act to prevent fungal damping off, so I use 2 parts leaf compost, with one part peat, and one part ground hardwood bark, but you can also use perlite.
3. the medium should be damp, not wet. if you squeeze it in your hand, no water should come out.
4. i use wetted 3 1/2 inch peat pots, and fill them with the medium. you can use plastic pots as well, except transplanting is more tricky.
5. essential step: the cutting consists of two buds, and one leaf. this is a leaf-bud cutting. I use rooting gel.
6. dig kind of a hole in the medium, with something pointed, and then the whole stem is buried (I bury them at an angle) - also the first 1/8" or so of the base of the leaf is buried.
7. I cover my tray with a plastic dome, to keep in the humidity.
8. use constant fluorescent light, moderate intensity, and keep at 70 F.
9. you may need to spray the foliage with antifungal, this is fine, and will not delay the rooting.

  1. you will get really good results - i did anyway. enjoy.
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Thanks overdrive I will try next year. Is fall or spring best? and should you winter them in a green house or something if you get success?

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and one more question, you root indoors not out? could you root outside in partial shade in stead of using lights?

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Hi, the best time is when you have "semi-ripe" wood - meaning the cane has a flower-bud on it, or is flowering, or has just flowered. This can occur at the end of June, and any time after. The wood is green enough to quickly root, and not so soft that it will quickly rot. I do all of mine indoors, but you can also do outside in partial shade - I find that more tricky, because indoors it is very easy to control the conditions.

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Overdrive, I tried your modified method this fall & am getting excellent results covering up the cane deeply. Thanks! Less dehydration & few rotting, to my surprise.

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Awesome. Will try this. Thanks so much for sharing. Where do you find your rooting gel - all I can find is powder.

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Hi overdrive, looks like you do a fair amount of propagating, I am trying my hand at it with pretty good success. I am hoping also to overwinter my cuttings, but mine are all small so I think I will try shop lights. It looks like you are somewhat in my zone so I was wondering if you are interested in doing any trades, if you are in the US that is.

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