I finally got some rooted, now what?

aliska12000(Z5)October 10, 2006

thanks to George Mander and his recommendation of using pearlite and peat. I just had to bring them in because it is supposed to freeze Thur. No new leaves that I can discern, but these kept most of their original leaves, unklike most of the ones where I used the wrong mix. I have them in the sunroom in dispan-like things that will hold water in the bottom but have holes in the sides (Dollar Store, don't know what they're for). They are covered with soda bottles still. Overcast today, but might be a problem although I have them set back away from the southern windows.

Now some that I used the wrong mix (vermiculite and peat), lost all their leaves but still have green stems. I tugged on a couple very gently, and they resist but no roots showing in the sides or bottom of the cups.

I think the sunroom will be too hot with the extra sun. I'm not sure where to move them, east dr windows maybe but all sun is blocked by a tree, will soon lose it's leaves and let some morning sun in. Am going to have to keep the thermostat at 65 or just warm the house up in the morning then turn it down.

I am thinking of taking the ones with green stems in the wrong mix and re-sticking them in peat and pearlite, maybe give them another dose of hormone if they haven't done anything. The top of the cups is dry, maybe I should just leave well enough alone and water lightly even though they can bottom water now.

What should I do now? Hate to lose them after having gotten them this far. The three in the north window of the kitchen in baggies aren't doing anything, lost all leaves, one stem is moldy, think I'll cover those with pop bottles and move them.

Should I pot up the ones that have rooted now and put the pop bottles back over them for awhile? This is the little rose that has rooted, have five or six, they had the most shade outside:

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I am not a pro at this but I will tell you what I have done with my clippings thus far.

I did a total of 8 clippings this year 4 rooted 4 did not, but each set was done differently. The set that rooted I started in my cold room on a shelf just below a 100wt bulb. I had each cutting in its own plastic cup inside of a pop bottle. it took 25 days for them to root and now each has avg 6 in new growth and between 2 & 4 sets of new leaves. each of them I repotted into 1 gallon pots after I could see the roots at the edge of the cups, replaced the pop bottle tops - without lids and left them for two days after misting them. I then gradually started removing the bottles each day a little longer. They are now all in my kitchen on top of my dishwasher in a bright sunny window which receives full sun from about noon on. They are doing great.

The difference between the successful set and the other set is that I put the second set in a bright indirect sunny place and they just went moldy for any number of reasons.

My rooted roses are about 55 days old and I will soon be moving them back to my cold room for the winter ( no light on) to allow them to have their dormancy period.

Hope this helps, again not a pro - just what worked for me.


Ps I have been watering mine from the top as they dry out since about a week after repotting them - so about 38 days.

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thank you for that. I've got things saved people have written about inside, outside and misting. I wasn't set up to do that, have way overspent, am low on energy. It was all I could do to make myself turn back to my plants from other things going on. In due course, I'll try out your method, I'm not set up with any fluorescent light except on my kitchen ceiling, was going to work on that over the winter.

Now I looked at the few gallon pots I had, was wondering where to get more, and decided the heck with it, went and bought some plastic half-gallon terra cotta colored pots at the hardware store (no they look like almost a gallon). If roots start growing through the bottom holes of those, I'll deal with it then. I know gallon pots would be better, they are too heavy, take too much potting soil, and have huge holes in the bottom, and I did not feel like looking for any more rocks to plug them.

My cuttings have all these roots but no new leaves, so I wasn't sure if I should pot them up. Think I should, and am thinking of even potting up the ones that have bare stems and covering with soda bottles, and see what happens. But pot them in what soil? I've got contingency plans and shelves ready to move them to the west wall of my bedroom that gets only reflected light from the house next door (close), shut the register as far as it will go, and get a humidifier when I start to wean them out of the bottles. If I get to that point.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I don't know if I should use pure potting soil or mix some peat and vermiculite in with it, been reading about H2O2, wonder if that will work instead of capstan when I start seedlings next spring inside, wonder if I should use it on my cuttings, tried some with one that is growing white moldy stuff on it, nothing happened with that, people talk about ml, how do I measure that? I read 1 tbsp then fill a cup with water. What H2O2? The regular kind you buy in the brown bottle at the drugstore? This aimed at anyone who may happen to read, not you, Angel.

I've been following michelle_co's posts, and everything different ones write when they've had success, she has to bring hers in now, too, my situation is just a little bit different. I'm at a critical point now. I will watch them carefully and may have to wing it on some of it.

I think every cutting but one that looks iffy in the medium George Mander recommended to me has rooted, 8 of those. Maybe that rose just roots easily. I had it going earlier, didn't see roots but it (and another kind) was growing new leaves, then the heat got them all.

My rooted ones I stuck August 13, not quite two months, the temps outside were up and down like a yoyo but not like the heat wave we had earlier. It was the medium, the pop bottles, and luck I guess so far. I'm really scared to get any sun on them too soon. They were getting just a little sun outside, but it was cooler by then. I'll take the caps off the bottles for a few days before I take the bottles off, and then only for maybe about 4 hours a day for a week or so, it's so darn confusing, don't want to jostle those delicate leaves by too much off and on.

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Just wanted to let you know a couple things - As I am also a little limited on cash I did not use florescent lighting either - just a 100wt bulb. When I repotted my roses I used regular potting soil with some vermiculite added - about a cup to the gallon pot. And the second set of roses I mentioned - the ones that didn't root. I also had lots of new growth on them anywhere from 2-3 inches each and new sets of leaves - but no roots. I lost all four of those - was told that it is not a good sign to have new growth so quickly with no roots. So just keep an eye on your one(s) with no roots but new growth.

Hope that helps even a little.

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forgot one thing, You mentioned you had one that is a bit moldy - try spritzing them with a solution of 5ml (tsp) hydrogen peroxide and 100 ml water. It worked for the mold on mine, and also try removing the lid from the pop bottle as the cutting may not be getting enough air circulation and could be too moist.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

I am glad yours are rooting!

My last batch - stuck in early Sept. have mostly rooted, and I have moved them all outside. Even the two that have not rooted in pop bottles are outside (they are still bottled, but not indoors). I decided that keeping them inside over winter is just not going to work - I measured my humidity, tried a reasonably priced humidifier - the humidity is too low in my house and the sunroom gets too hot. SO everything is going into a cold storage space over winter, and hopefully they won't die.

We had our first hard freeze in mid-September - the roses are all in a protected location (south facing patio) and I am letting them harden off for the cold. They are still all healthy. Several nights have been down into the high 20's.

Once mine are rooted well enough to transplant, I do not keep them bottled. They go into a dappled shade area for a week or so, then out into the pot ghetto. Granted, it has not been a really hot summer this year.

Don't know if this will work for anyone else, so I am only posting what I've done. :-)

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Thanks so much for all your input. I have nothing to measure ml with. I need pints, cups, teaspoons, etc. I did water that one with 1 tbsp hp filled up with water to one cup, was afraid to apply it directly to the mold. Will try that if I am sure of the percentage solution.

Now I find those dishpan-like thingies I bought have a hump in the middle so the water level is uneven. Guess when I get the money, I'll have to get some dispans and use them for cuttings like michelle. I'm not putting them back outside which could be fatal to them trying to keep them inside, it's a big gamble either way. It was enough work pulling them up and bringing them in. As soon as I get a humidifier, I'll get the bottles off and just pot them up. I'm a little worried about the vermiculite mixed in with potting soil though since that didn't work at all well for cuttings. What will I gain from that?

Oh, first-time, you used a regular 100-watt bulb? That sounds odd. Why do I want to propagate so many roses anyway? It's a challenge. I have no clue what I will do with them all if they do well, plant a couple. I'm hooked on it, and think George's medium with pop bottles worked great. I had cut two holes like Michelle in the bottom and buried them in the ground, watered over the bottles. George's mixture sucked up moisture, the other stuff didn't do so well.

I've got to quit making these posts so darn long. I brought a large potted rose in last winter, first stuck it in a dark corner in the front foyer, noticed it was starting to put out new growth so moved into a sunny spot in the sunroom. No humidity. I did prune it back a bit, it needed it, watered lightly over the winter, granted it was well hardened off and established, moved it straight outside in full sun in the spring, and it took off great, gave it to my son. I got three gorgeous blooms in January. *I* didn't move it, my kids had to. That thing was even heavy for my son to lift.

Better go set up some more shelves and get some humidity going. I place buckets and pans of water around anyway, my furnace one no longer works. Today I have to bring the rest of my things in I want to try to overwinter, no roses, and tomorrow I'll try to pot up what I can and see what happens.

Bulbs to plant, seeds to scatter, it's cold and windy, my heart isn't in that now. Will have to force myself. That can wait awhile longer.

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