What's Happened to the EXchange??

weldontx(z 8a TX)October 26, 2011

There used to be a steady flow of cutting exchanges, in fact,

there was even an OGR swap group in the DFW area. NOW no swap group and almost no activity on the exchange. Is it lack of trust? lack of interest? bad weather...I'll by that one!

I"m looking for tough ogr's that don't get huge and/or earthkind rose cuttings. If someone has some contact me and see what you'd like in exchange. I'll pay postage.


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fairytalel(TX 9a)

I have old garden roses....I would like to exchange as well but never have done this before. How long do rose cuttings last and how do you prepare them for an exchange.
I have LaMarque, Lafter, Prairie Clogger, Reine de Violette, Perle de or and more I would like some new ones.

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Hi, fairytale! I"ll send you an e-mail giving information on collecting and mailing cuttings. I have Wm R. Smith, Don Juan, Duchess de Brabant, and Quietness. Also have Souv. de la Malmaison, but I've not been able to get her to root.
anyone have suggestions??

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fairytalel(TX 9a)

Weldon I was looking thorough here yesterday when I clicked to a site suggesting a new way to root cuttings ,cutting all leaves off and wraping in wet newspaper. Have you seen it I try to find it and send you a link.

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

I HAVE seen that post. I have three bundles going right now.
I'll check them in about a week. Here's hoping. I usually put my cuttings, 4 to 6, in a gallon pot with good rooting soil and cover with a baggie until they root. Then slowly acclimate them.

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I was wondering the same thing too Weldon! I'm a older member and used to EXchange a lot in the seed EXchange forum (under my old nickname which I can't even remember LOL, getting old sucks!) anyway...I have a few roses that I'd like to EXchange cutting for others if anyone is intrested. I have:

*Ebb Tide
*Livin' Easy
*A Yellow rose from a rose tree
*A Yellow shrub (really big yellow roses and large thorns!)
*Elizabeth pink rose
*A really cool color that I can't for the life of me remember the name of (I think it starts with the letter "C") from another rose tree I have that starts out a hot orangy color and changes to different shades of orangy hot colors that is super cool. Getting old really does suck!
*And last but not least a hot pink knock out rose.

I'm looking for but not limited to:
Rock & Roll
Oranges & Lemons

Let me know and we will do a EXchange!

Thanks Dena

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

i am somewhat new to the site, and am in dallas, texas, and would be happy to get involved in this trading. i have over 200 varieties of roses, and would LOVE to root and trade cuttings.

i will update my profile, so you can see what i have (as soon as i learn how to update it, can't find the edit button). i have alot of teas, david austins, earthkind, lots from chamblee's and ARE.

i am looking for a few in particular. renae, william r. smith, rosette delizy, le vesuve, grandmothers hat, niles cochet, and more.

let me know if you are interested. i am currently rooting maggie (red climbing fragrant bourbon) and she should be ready this month. if anyone is interested in her.

perhaps since so many of us are in the area, we could meet somewhere and swap. i hate paying shipping, so i have yet to order from anywhere. but drive to tyler and ARE yearly.

i am near smu.

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I would like to trade cuttings too! I have plent of roses to take cuttings from right now. I would like cuttings from any rose that I dont already have for the most part. Roses I do have on hand right now are:

Rock n roll
social climbler
golden showers
memorial day
chrysler imperial
don juan
forth of july
fragrant plum and cloud
double delight
louis phillipe
centennial star
mister lincoln
black magic
white dawn
paradise found
queen elizabeth
pope john paul

and a few more I cant remember right now. if anyone would like to trade please let me know. It would be great to get around 5 cuttings of each rose type if possible to ensure I will get a few cuttings to root.

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I use to actively swap cuttings here. But I disappeared from the board & rose growing after a series of illnesses/deaths in my family.
I'm in a new zone & starting first runs of cuttings--have some Champneys Pink Cluster, Marchioness de Londonerry, a few others. But they are too young for me to feel comfortable trading them yet.
When the weather moderates & if things stay calm, I'll update my trade list. It was really fun & I had a special fondness for the plants I'd received from folks here I'd gotten to know.

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ps: After returning to the board after a long absence, yeah, where are all the trade lists?

I am personally concerned whether stricter laws re shipping cuttings has people spooked. Posted a direct question re. that but I understand people may be shy about answering. I really enjoyed sharing roses, did a lot of face-face swaps & met some great fellow rose growers.

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I'm really new to roses, but have a 'Queen Bee' Cutting that's already rooted if someone wants to trade for some other cuttings, doesn't have to be rooted either! My husband has dubbed buying roses a no-no, and all I'm allowed to do is trade now! O.o

Though it may be because every rose I see that's continuously blooming, I want! :)

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RoguePerfumer(zone 11)

Hi there, I am new to the Garden Web and not even sure that I am doing this right but I am trying to post on the blog, "RE: What's Happened to the EXchange", especially a note to weldontx. Hey weldontx, I would love to have you email me info on collecting and mailing cuttings. I have been trying to get cuttings for quite some time, but have not been successful, so I just started layering and I think (fingers crossed) that it may be working. Would love to do some trades and I am drooling for Duchess de Brabant. I have a jaw dropping Bishop's Castle, Veteran's Honor w/ 4 foot stems, Scentimental (love it!) and Tahitian Sunset if anyone is interested in some cuttings. Email me here at the Garden web or my private email at RoguePerfumer@me.com Thanks everyone! ps: I have traded at Daves Garden and it was a great experience.

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

WOW, I'd forgotten this post. Let's keep it alive. It is TOO hot for cuttings here, but I will certainly be interested by mid Sept. I am primarily interested in TOUGH, disease resistant roses...i.e. the Earth Kind roses and OGR's.

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I'm looking for rooted figs or cuttings for a few rooted roses or cuttings. also interested in pomegranates and anything else edible & easy to root or established.

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I am new to this site and new to growing roses as well...I sorta "inherited" a couple of old red climbing roses when I moved into my house years ago but was always too busy to give any attention to gardening. I have since become a stay-at-home mom and have really gotten into it this last year and would like to obtain other types of roses. Unfortunatelly, staying home cuts down on buying these lovely plants. I don't really have much in the way of trading and understand that some folks may not wana swap or be able to right now. I have a purplish blue wisteria, baby aloe vera plants, and baby spider plants that I would love to swap around. In addition, I have many colors of iris and lilly (including pink surprise) but they are really mixed together and I would really need to wait until after they bloom to be sure what I sent. I ment to do that this past year but I was really busy trying to get the rest of the yard-and house-in order!! I am especially interested in older types of roses and those that climb--however my 7 year old daughter has a dream of making our fence row one large rose garden and thats alot of fence!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't get to use the internet but every couple of weeks so you can email me at cmchristopher72165@hotmail.com or drop me a line here and I will get back with you as soon as possible!! Thanx

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Roses can not be under patent to trade = Just a reminder ! weldontx Souv. de la Malmaison is easy to layer.

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frances_in_nj(z6 NJ)

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am, for the first time in my life, starting to have some success rooting cuttings, and so am hoping I'll soon have some to offer for exchange. But my question is - how can you tell if a rose is under patent or not? I mean, I know if its clearly a new one, like the latest Austins. But what about, say, older Austins? But really just in general how do you know? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Frances, you can Google them for patents; you can look them up on Help Me Find-Roses where you should see any patent information; you can be really neurotic about it and just not patent anything newer than 21 years for fear it might be. Originally, patents ran 17 years but were changed a few years ago to 21 years. So, unless it's a really odd case, anything older than 21 years should be fair game. Good luck! Kim

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frances_in_nj(z6 NJ)

Dear Kim, thanks so much for your response, I really appreciate how generous you are with your good advice! (And I might add my success is due to your wonderful "burrito" method!) I make my living as a composer, so needless to say I'm very sensitive to intellectual property rights and I don't want to rip anybody off!



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Thank you, Frances, you're welcome! A composer? That's neat! The only claim I can make for the burrito method is naming it and developing it a bit further than it was when I first saw it. Had the Australian nurseryman not shared it with the Australian Rose Hybridizers Association member, who then shared it there and with Paul Barden, who further posted it to his blog, I probably would never have found it. I'm pleased it's made propagation easily possible for you. That is ALL that matters! Thanks! Kim

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Temps have been to warm this winter for me to try it Kim.

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I have Le Vesuve, Climbing Pinkie, Crepuscle, Mrs. B R Cant, White Lady Banksia, Sombruiel, and others. Not sure how to ship, but willing to learn.

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I am interested in trading with you, do you have clipping, or rooted cuttings? Please message me. Your private messaging seems to be turned off.

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