Rosa 'Blue Girl' Questions

FoxGardenerUGA(7b-North GA)October 8, 2012

Hey all,

I purchased a Blue Girl rose back in the spring, planted it in one of my west/full sun gardens, and watched it dazzle me all summer as I fought off the blackspot fungus. I have come to really like this rose despite its blackspot susecptibility. The blooms are gorgeous.

Anyhow, I would like to propagate this since it is unpatented (according to Conard-Pyle) and would like to ask you veteran rose gardeners out there for advice. Does anyone know what kind of rootstock it is most likely on? Can it be grown own root, or in any other nonstandard form?

Thanks in advance

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If you purchased it from an American producer, it's likely on Dr. Huey. If it came from Canada it is likely on Multiflora. It can be grown own root, but it won't be as vigorous, nor probably bloom as much. Own root, it may also be a bit more susceptible to fungal issues. The root stock forces more nutrients through the plant due to the stronger, more vigorous root system. You can use various methods to root it, all of which you will find here on Garden Web, particularly this propagation forum. Kim

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tony31036(8 Middle GA)

I have a couple of Blue Girls that are own root. The cuttings were taken from my niece's bush, and they are doing well. I have tried several methods to root the cuttings, but if I recall these were rooted using a pine bark/perlite mixture under intermittent mist. I'm not sure about the number of blooms compared to grafted, but my bushes are 2 years old and at present one is over 6 feet tall. I have not been diligent with spraying this year, so I do have blackspot, but in Georgia that applies to my bushes whether they are grafted or own root. I suggest you give the own root a try.

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