My first rose cutting is doing well :)

joeyb319October 7, 2013

Took a single cutting from an old rose bush at my childhood home. Decided to try it after having a dream a few nights before that this was a good idea so I went along with it. Walked past the old house a few weeks ago and the rose bush had been removed after being there probably about 50 years. Good job the cutting is doing well then I suppose. Only problem is now I'm not sure what to do for the winter. Do I continue to keep indoors or move outside?

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seil zone 6b MI

Well it looks very good and I'm surprised it's doing so well indoors. Roses do not like to be inside. You don't say where you live so I can't offer much help on wintering it without knowing that.

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strawchicago 5a IL(zone 5a)

Hi Joey: I looked at the link you provided. Your rooting looks great on the window sill. Someone told me that the guy who bred Sheila's Perfume rose kept his pot indoor.

Plants like stable temperature: Either keep them dormant completely like in a dark unheated garage (water once or twice a month), or keep them indoor if your house is always warm & watered frequently.

When I lived in a townhome, my roommate had 20+ houseplants, but kept the temp. hot above 70, even at night. The plants in the humid bathroom thrived the most. But in my present house, where it's freezing at night, and hot during the day (many windows) ... plants don't do well when the air is dry and with temp. fluctuations.

My neighbor keeps a red geranium blooming constantly on her window-sill through zone 5a winter. Her secret: she mists it everyday with a bottle of water. She also keeps her house warm, even at night.

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HELP I have tons of rooted roses in a big plastic been and it's cold out now and I don't know what to do with them now

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donaldvancouver(cool wet z8)

I have kept roses in a windowsill over winter, and in my experience the trick is to give them as much light as possible, and keep an eye out for spider mites. If there is a single spider mite within a five-mile radius, it will find its way onto that rose. You might even spray with soap solution weekly as a preventative measure.
Prune as often as you need to, to keep them from getting straggly. A windowsill environment in winter is not nearly as much light as a rose would like, but it will keep them alive.

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