Size vs.soil vs. area--help!

shavon(Zone 9)October 10, 2006

I'm trying to propagate cuttings from my mother's rose bush. I've tried 4-5" new growth cuttings and planting it in soil with Rootone, then covering it with a plastic sandwich bag (its own greenhouse!). That failed miserably. So did just leaving the cuttings in water. Am I taking it from the wrong part of the plant? Should I try sand instead of soil? I have no idea what kind of rose it is-- all I know is that it's really fragrant. Any other suggestions?

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Are the "new growth" clippings ones that have already bloomed? Usually from what I hear it is better to take clippings from stems that just finished blooming. Those are the only clippings I take. And cut them right down where the stem you are cutting meets the stem it comes off of. I usually use the pop bottle method. I put the clipping in a clear plastic cup with seed starting mix and place that in a pop bottle without the cap. Don't for get the drainage holes in the cup and just make the soil moist not wet. I just place my cutting, once they are all bottled up in my cold room on a shelf directly under a regular 100wt bulb.

Hope that helps.

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