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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)October 7, 2006

I followed instructions from FAQ to the letter & so far so good. HOWEVER, The following excerpt has me a bit confused...I have 2 cutting , each with a bud on it, do I remove this bud at some stage of growth,e.i. when bud wilts or if it blooms, is it removed?

"The best canes are ones that have blooms on them, from the early stages of just opening, to those which have already started to wilt or drop petals. These are "softwood" cuttings, and are just perfect for rooting. Roses have hormones that reside in their new growth, and urge the rose to produce more growth, more quickly. This will also aid in rooting, if these newer cuttings are used."

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rosyone(z8 north Louisiana)

These are un-rooted cuttings?

Blooms and buds don't actually help with the rooting process itself, they just help you to select the best cuttings by telling you when the stem supporting them is at the optimum stage of maturity to root most easily. They should be removed immediately, at the start of the process.

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