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ruthzNovember 1, 2010

Thanks to the generosity of Smokemaster, my grandson and I are now harvesting peppers.

This is some of the ones ready to harvest.

We don't eat raw hot peppers.

How do you use these?


Orange Thai

Chile de Arbol

Chile Negro de Arbol

Habanero yellow

Torro de Rossi



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I like to dry them in a dehydrater and then grind them into flakes or powder in a food processor. Then they will last a long time and you can add it to whatever you want. I use flakes to make spicy deer sausage. I also freeze a lot of peppers. If you don't want the seeds, it is easier to remove them before you freeze them. How about a big pot of chilli or some homemade hot sauce? Salsa....

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Smoke dry them(after dee seeding if you want )or just dry them,cut in half the long way in a dehydrator,oven on low or air dry.
Break up into coarse grind in a blender then freeze.
Use in stuff as needed that way or grind to powder in a spice/coffee grinder for spice rubs for fish,poultry etc.
Powders or fresh can be made into Puree or sauces,with or without spices and tomato sauce or vinegar-cooked then frozen.

I like to char the skin off some peppers and freeze them for future use.
Make chile sauces(ice cubes)for spagetti sauces,chile,soups etc. by blending peppers onion garlic etc(your choice) in a blender and freezing in ice cube trays then bagging it up.
just grab as many ice cubes as needed for whatever you are making.
Example-mix sweet-hot peppers with oregano,basil etc. for adding later to tomato puree for piza sauce or spagetti sauces.
Another mix for bbq,another for hot dishes.

Lots of different mixes can be made,heavily spiced so when you are in a hurry ,you can toss a couple ice cubes in the crock pot with meat and some stock or diced tomato,beans,vegies and crock pot it slowcook for a 1pot dinner.
Great to make roasts or pulled pork in a crock pot or low oven without much work.
There are tons of things you can do with ice cube or powder mixes.
Powder takes more time-heating up the oven,turning it off,repeat till dry.
Google homemade dehydrators-cardboard box using a light bulb for heat that dries pods threaded on a string hanging in the biox or using a hot plate on low with a pan of wood chips to smoke dry pods.
If you have more questions there are lots of things you can do.It depends on what you want to do...work you are willing to do.
Sausage is cool to do-bulk,basically spiced hamberger,pork or poultry-spicing it up packed as patties or in lb. chunks to make burgers or add to stuff latter-freeze,italian sausage,cajun sausage etc..
The more variety of things you make,the more you'll wish you grew more of your favorite variety from this year.


And you are very welcome for the Thank you,I do like to spread the heat...

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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

Guajillo --This is a chile powder pepper (for flavor). It will add a bit of warmth to chili con carne, but no serious heat if seeds and membranes are removed. After it is dried you can either grind into powder or soak the pods in warm water then put in a blender to puree them.

You might try a Chile Colorado recipe for full effect. I usually mix it with Ancho powder or pureed Ancho pods.

Chile de Arbol --This is similar to cayenne,... crushed flakes for italian dishes, etc.

Chile Negro de Arbol --I think this is just a "chocolate" colored De Arbol chile

Habanero yellow--hot sauce

Torro de Rossi [corno di toro rossi]-- Sweet red pepper, use fresh or roasted, freeze after roasting for storage.

Japone --This is also similar to cayenne in its uses.

Puya--Similar to guajillo but hotter

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rick_in_va(7 VA)

Corno di torro can be seeded and frozen like any sweet pepper without any roasting or other prep beforehand.

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The de Arbol and Thai varieties do well in making pickled eggs and vegies for me of what you have listed and of what I have tried.

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Thanks for all the ideas.
DH has been eating the Guajillo and Torro de Rossi raw like apples or on sandwiches.
We went camping this weekend and a friend loved throwing the peppers on the grill whole and eating them with his hot dogs and hamburgers.

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