Germination without stratification ??

gerry_wyomingpa(z6)November 26, 2006

I have been storing seeds in damp coir and waiting until I have finished shelling all the seeds of a perticular type to put in cold storage, tonight I came across two seedlings from Veilchenblau, I have them potted up. Has anyone ever run across this? They have been in a cool room, but nowhere near 40ish degrees. I also had alot of tree peony seeds sprout roots much more quickly than what I have read, of course they still need there cold stratification, now that they have sprouted, but it is interesting that things are "running amuck".


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bama82(z8 MS)

I get a few germinations without cold stratification every year. I normally shell the seeds and store in damp peat at room temperature until October 1st, and then cold stratify until February 1st. This year I had two, both from Scarlet Moss. One was Scarlet Moss O.P., and the other was Scarlet Moss X Pandemonium. Perhaps some varieties are more prone to this than others? Interesting to hear about Veilchenblau. I just got it this fall.


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Good to know these are not 'freak' seeds!

You will love veilchenblau, mine has been off to a slow start, got a dose of weed and feed spring 05 so did not do to well, but this year it has started reaching high and the spring flowers were fantastic, even on what little growth there was, can't wait until spring 07!


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