Blanched Bhut?

chilemilioNovember 15, 2010

I thought it'd be fun to spice up some alcohols this fall. The foto below is: 1-Bhut, 1-Naga, and 1-Red Savina in a 1L bottle of 1800 silver. Its been about 2 months, and the chiles have lost all of their color. I'm not sure if I should try to take the peppers out. I think they'd fall apart trying to do so. Anyone else tried spicy infusions? -E



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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Better than a worm at the bottom, eh? ;)

I wouldn't know what to expect....but I'll bet it's hot...
Let us know if you try any!


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tried a shot of each yesterday (might have been the inspiration for the post).. its really spicy.. really spicy. The vodka has more burn than the tequila, maybe because of volume: 0.75L vs. 1L?.. but I think the flavor of the tequila works better with the spicy. the vodka is too neutral, so you get more of an 'older pepper' smell to it. not rank or spoiled, but that smell you get when they start to dry.

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Haven`t made any alcohols with chiles, but I made a black pepper vodka for Caesars, if you don`t know what that is, think Bloody Mary but with Clamato, much better :) But I was going to try a cayenne pepper vodka, will probably use Stolichnaya, best vodka for the money up here. That infused tequila would sure kick up a Prairie Fire.

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Its been a while since my last post on this thread... and after having some last weekend, i thought it was worth a followup.

The look of the alcohols or peppers haven't changed any more, but the flavor seems to have intensified. you take a shot, and get an instant blast of chile heat, followed by a deeper red-chile type of flavor, then you swallow, and the chile heat is gone. the red-chile flavor is all that remains. you don't even need to chase it with anything. I specify chile heat, because there is no longer any strong heat from the alcohol...

I mentioned an "old pepper" taste in a previous post. I think thats the component that developed into more of a "stick your head in a bag of dried chiles and take a whiff" type of taste.

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I have made fatalii vodka and habanero silver tequilla.

It only takes a couple of days to start getting the heat/flavor into the alcohol, but, as shown above, after several weeks, the color will fade from the pepper and give the alcohol a slight tint.

In my experience, it doesn't take much to get a lot of heat. I doubt I could handle all of those!!! One pepper was plenty for me! haha!!

I also have had a hard time finding a recipe I really like with the vodka. But, the tequilla makes an awesome spicy margarita!

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