Viking Queen---in the shade-- & Cornelia

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)June 17, 2009

This is a young VQ that gets very little sun-------I call this area "Elba" ---LOL -- formerly DH's vegetable garden

favorite pictures of VQ from a different bush in a different shady area.

Cornelia----a lovely little fragrant rose


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le_jardin_of_roses(zone 10)

This is a very pretty rose that I'm not familiar with. It is very nice, especially in bud form. I liked your pics of it. Shady gardens can be quite delightful during hot summers. Yours is even more special because it has roses that do well for you with a few hours of light.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Wow, Florence how I wish I had seen all your beautiful fragrant shade roses before I got poor Frederick Mistral... Magnificent roses, Florence! Poor FM, I thought he was shade tolerant, but so far no blooms yet, but he is definitely becoming quite the climber...If I had only seen your roses beforehand I would have gotten yours instead. Hopefully my Frederick Mistral will have blooms this year (sigh)...

You say your VQ is very young... when did you get her? and how old is she exactly... when did VQ put out her very first bloom when you first received her...She is so prolific... I love her "cousin's" pic too (the one wrapped around the post--gorgeous!)

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Beautiful, Florence!! Gorgeous roses, and I love the cool and green welcoming shade---it would be so refreshing to sip a lemonade in your garden tucked under a canopy of cool green leaves & amongst the lovely roses on a sweltering hot August day! Thank you for sharing.:)Becky

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Very pretty!! Love that saturated pink - is that from the shade? Or is it usually that color?


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These are both gorgeous roses! I'm wondering how the Viking Queen compares with your Compassion? They look a little similar with VQ being a bit brighter pink?


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Florence, these are beautiful pictures. I like the bloom form of Viking Queen, and the foliage, very nice.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I like Viking Queen too. Very, very nice rose.

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Florence, I love, love, love your Viking Queen! What an outstandingly beautiful rose! The flowers are so elegant and romantic and her pink color is especially lovely in my eyes. It really looks like your VQ likes the shady spot in your garden. I have to find out, if this rose would do well in my climate, if this is the case it will be very hard to resist to get her in future :-).

Enjoy your gorgeous garden!

Thanks for posting!

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my VQ is five years on my trellis and is the focal point in my tiny garden. she is a great rose in every way.
PS she hates neem oil...

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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)


Beautiful rose. I do not know how I missed your VQ in the shade pictures. I am always on the lookout for roses that do well in the shade. May I ask how much sun VQ gets?


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Beautiful pics.

Is Cornelia the Pemberton one? Very charming.

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Thank You for your kind comments----I'm not sure exactly how much sun VQ gets maybe 3 or 4 hours---We've had so much rain lately I haven't been able to calcuclate just how much sun she gets. I feel sure she would do much better with more sun but I'm happy with her
Serena----I just checked the date when I purchased VQ---it was May 06 and she was a scrawny little thing---but by May of 07 she was growing very well and this year she has lots of blooms.

Texaslynn---Compassion does well in my shady garden---she might get just a little more sun than VQ but the monstrous trees on the next property shade my yard.

They are both great roses with lovely form--I think Compassion might be a little more fragrant--and more of a peachy color.
I love both of them----it is difficult to choose.

Joebar---I'm sure it makes a gorgeous focal point.


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actually, i bought my viking (which was my first rose),in complete ignorance; had no idea that i would luck out. now that i know some things about roses, i would have bought the same one. it is nearly a perfect rose. it is dummy proof, nice foliage, winter hardy,fragrant, a beautiful pink, virtually disease proof, and on and on... the only criticism i could say is that caterpillars love the leaves on her while ignoring others.
mine is in full bloom and i just am amazed every year how beautiful she is.
PS - mine has topped out at about ten feet on my trellis after five years; anyone else have a larger one?

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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

Florence, even without seeing your pictures first I sold two Viking Queens at the rose show yesterday which is held at a rose nursery. I pointed out the clean foliage and the fact that since the bushes were crowded together that they should be fool proof once separated. The two are on their own roots and had fresh canes coming out everywhere.

Thanks for your great pictures. It turns out that the people I sold the roses to were going to grow them in a shaded area just like yours.


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Thanks so much again, Florence for both your replies! Joebar, LOL! you wrote: it is nearly a perfect rose. it is dummy proof, nice foliage, winter hardy,fragrant, a beautiful pink, virtually disease proof, and on and on...

Then it is the perfect Serena rose: dummy-proof! I need to get this rose then! Dummy-proof! that's what I desperately need! hee-hee!
Plus it's beautiful and!!!! fragrant! (not a Serena quality, by the way, haha! I was just referring to the 1st! Quality).

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the first two years i had her, i pruned her down to nothing out of ignorance- was unaware of anything to do with roses. no wonder i had no bloom...
i have never seen this rose offered anywhere except for the small nursery that i found her at. i believe that someone took a cutting from their own persoanl plant at that nursery because it was basically a twig when i bought it five years ago.
keep in mind that the growth in these pictures is in three years, and several feet are removed every spring as i have a hunch she doesn't want to grow longer and is happier at this length.
i am going to try to get my rosarian mentor at select roses to take some cuttings of her and produce a few for the public; it is beyond me that this rose is scarce.
i have never had to spray her for anything- in fact, i am sure that i could fire a gun at it- bulletproof lol.
the rich pink is not due to the shade, it is characteristic of this rose;i have yet to see a rose that resembles her.
i cannot say enough about her. she is bred for winter hardiness and i suspect that she needs a good chill to do well in the following season. i do nothing to protect her from the winter- nothing. and she is hardy to the tips at the minus 20 we had this winter.
this year i spent a lot of time pinning down her main canes quite horizontally; i wanted her to bloom from the very bottom of the plant all the way to the top and she threw out a million laterals and is full of buds this season. this rose is very responsive to such manipulations.
i hope you enjoy the recent pics of the beginning of the first flush 09.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

very lovely clustering of blooms, Joebar and it has a very even proportion between foliage and blooms! I too love the way Florence's roses drape so freely around her trellis. Wonderful! VQ is definitely the "Queenly" rose!

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Joebar--Your rose is lovely---I really like the way the bud opens up to look like an OGR---
The difference between VQ and Compassion ---Compassion is more peachy and she has some nice long stems which look lovely in a vase----VQ tends to have shorter stems---at least in my shady garden--

Viking Queen in a rose bowl---


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

wow, I just saw this new followup! what a wonderful thing to be able to have so many bouquets at once!... I think the one big! advantage of a shade garden, versus a sun-struck garden that people forget is that the blooms will maintain far more of their original, beautiful form... With harsh direct Kansas sun, our flowers easily become cabbage flowers with pom-pom shapes instead of the classic hybrid tea form...My new 2010 Compassion will probably be a poofy pom-pom like all my Hybrid teas in the too-sunny backyard, LOL! That is the only reason why I do like rainy days, it keeps the sun out from the backyard and keeps the backyard perfumed. Only Gemini and Aromatherapy are the roses whose perfume are unaffected by the glaring heat generated from too much sun. Only from 6:00 7:45 a.m. can I enjoy all the fragrance. But perhaps Compassion will be the exception with fragrance. One never knows, each rose is very individual. I can't wait to find out for 2010! I'll be so excited when I get Compassion. I will probably be getting VQ too depending on what happens to my Frederick Mistral... If it doesn't move I'll get VQ for 2011 since I already will be having 5 climbing roses for 2010.

Speaking of which, Florence how would Zephy and VQ look if they were spaced 30 feet from each other? are they different enough in color from each other to complement each other?... Maybe if you had a vase of each beside each other I can tell? If FM blooms well in its shady spot, there's another shaded spot I could put VQ at, but then it'd be just a 2 sided garage away. (VQ would be at my entryway)

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