Here today. Gone tomorrow!

digit(ID/WA)October 20, 2012

It almost seemed that quick!

I took a few pictures of the garden this year. It was a small attempt at chronicling growth. I made a YouTube video of the dahlia garden. It is posted around here, somewhere.

The "shady corner" kind of got away from me there about mid season, as it often does. The "big veggie garden" is difficult to shoot. It is in an "L" so it might require multiple camera angles to capture its growth thru the season.

The "little veggie garden" is certainly more compact but I had some problems. Timing when I showed up with a camera was one. I missed July completely and my September shot went awry! So this is early June, late June, early August and yesterday:

No responsibility for the neighbor's blackberry/raspberry mess there in the distance (other than trying to keep it out!. The dahlia garden next door is empty and most of these beds have been turned.

My bok choy is doing just fine, thank you! There are still some carrots & parsnips to bring in. The gladiolas are in the "flower corner" of the "big veggie garden" several miles away.

That's about it. Here today. Gone tomorrow.


Here is a link that might be useful: time for a little R&B? Ohio Players ;o)

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The green garden is long gone and most has been removed. Was out raking leaves again this afternoon and it started snowing. Was suppose to be rain. Now they say 1-2 inches snow tonight and maybe off and on for the next several days. I want to go south for the winter not shovel snow!

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Margaret, I have actually met people who spend their winters in Brazil and live in northern Idaho.

It isn't the sort of thing the crowd that I normally run with can do. These hemisphere hoppers seemed pretty darned inspired by their migration but I can't help think that I'd make better use of the plane ticket. Well, wait a minute. I hate to fly . . . don't tell Skybird!

Margaret, the Bitterroot Valley is socked in with fog this morning! And, it must be covered in ice! I sure hope you don't have to go anywhere until you can see the ground beneath your wheels. It is good to have you here, anyway!


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