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redwolfdoc_z5(5)November 27, 2013


I bought this rose three years ago thinking it was something else (and before I knew anything about roses). I'm in zone 5b, 6 if I stretch it, and it just isn't enough for this poor plant. It hasn't died but it hasn't done much else in the three seasons I've had it. It's rated to zone 7, you see!

In any case, if border laws allow (I'm in Ontario, Canada), I'd be happy to trade it as a bare-root (or cutting, if that's preferable). I'm guessing the best time to do that will be early April? I'm open to whatever offers for trade, as long as it's hardy to 5b, and I'd especially like a climber.


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seil zone 6b MI

Redwolf, 3 years isn't long enough to make a judgment on this rose yet. Climbers take at LEAST that long to establish a root ball to start them climbing. Some can take even longer before they feel their root ball is sufficient to support any real long cane growth. When it feels it can send water and nutrients up those long canes it will start to grow them and not before.

Another thing is support. Sometimes a climber will not begin to climb until it has a trellis or something behind it to lean on. If it doesn't have anything behind it yet put something there, even if it's only temporary, and tie a cane to it and see if that triggers it.

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