Don't Need to Confuse me about Edamame

digit(ID/WA)October 25, 2012

Margaret shared some of her experiences growing edamame in Montana and it is a crop that I've been interested in for the last few years. Soybeans are absolutely not grown commercially in this area! Are they elsewhere in this region??

A kind gardener in Wisconsin sent me some seed that he thought might do okay in this kind of environment. NOW! I see that Victory Seed had a great big offering of different varieties I could have tried in 2012! I gotta start ordering from Victory regularly so that I pay a little closer attention to them . . .

Of Victory's offerings, only 2 varieties have I already tried. One was Manitoba Brown. Many of you know that I am influenced by variety name - well, Manitoba or not - I immediately realized that this variety would mature too late for my garden. Victory lists it as 80 to 100 day.

The other Victory offering that I have probably grown is Bei Liang 11. I only knew it as Bei. Victory's idea on its days-to-maturity . . . ??? I went thru all the other edamame soy varieties they offer, and it is a whole bunch (!), Bei Liang 11 is the only one that they don't bother to give a days-to-maturity rating. Criminetly! Well anyway, the picture of the seed looks right and the description seems right.

I did find Bei productive even tho' the seed count per pod was low. It is a great big plant. I ran it head to head with contenders for 3 years and it did best. Still, I came against like the last 2 weeks of the season for harvest and way too many slipped past me and went on to the dry stage where I'm being forced to make tofu out of them . . . yes, belatedly, I realized that freezing green pods was an option.

Anyway, I'd like to come up with 1 or 3 to try that are, at least, as early as Bei . . . now, which ones??? Envy and Butterbean look like possibilities! Oosodefuri looks like it might be another! I mean, edamame pods are pretty much all "O so furi" but that don't bother me at all . . .


Here is a link that might be useful: Victory's Soybeans

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The 2 soy beans that I grew were Beer Friend, green, 87 days. It was the one with larger beans and about 3 to a pod. From FedCo. The brown seeded ones were Agate 65-70 days which actually came in 7-14 days after the green ones for me and only had 1 or 2 small beans per pod. From Seed Savers. Their reports and mine don't tally up. The snow is not sticking in the valley but is up on the mountains so people are hoping for skiing this weekend. Not me! I held the ladder for 3 hours this afternoon so my hubby could clean gutters for a couple in their 90s. Almost no feeling in hands and toes by the time finished even though I had on work gloves. It is suppose to warm up to 50 for the weekend - A heat wave!

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Thank you for that, Margaret!

It is the perfect name for edamame! Not just the thumb but the fingers turn green after the pods come out of the steaming or just boiling in salted water. The digitS' pop the beans out of the pods for a snack! Beer Friend is early.

We have a very short thermometer here! The high yesterday was 37F after a morning low of 31F . . . it is aaalll the way down to 36F after 14 hours of darkness.

The rain is driving me up the wall . . ! Yes, nearly a tenth of an inch fell! I think most of it is coming down as fog. The teevee weather person claimed hers was a "soggy forecast." Maybe the fog is hiding the sog. Our soil moisture deficit must be on the tree-killing side by now.


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