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canadian_rose(zone 3a)December 15, 2013

I'm wondering if I ruined my rose seeds. This is my first time trying to germinate seeds. I used my friend's rose hips (rugosa/rugosa hybrids - self-seeded) and put them in dampened peat moss and potting soil and put them in the fridge. I first let them sit for a bit in some water with a bit of H2O2.

What I didn't do was scrub the seeds. I didn't see any coating or pulp on the seeds; so I just put them in the baggie.

Should I have scrubbed them?? How much should I have scrubbed them - since I couldn't see anything on them.

Do you think they'll germinate without the scrubbing?

Thanks so much!!

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As long as you removed the seeds from the hips, that is all that matters. Rugosa seeds are pretty much foolproof, so just keep them refrigerated for a minimum of twelve weeks before sowing, and allow them to germinate in a cool place. IE: avoid temps over 75F until after they have germinated. Too warm an environment can stop the germination process and reset the clock in the seeds to stay dormant till the next cooling cycle.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

I've got some in the fridge and some in the garage on a shelf covered with blankets. Experiment to see if the garage will work for when I hybridize my HTs.

How about when I hybridize my HTs - should I scrub at them? I don't really see anything on the seeds - so I'm confused.


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Not sure where you got the idea that rose seeds need to be "scrubbed" before placing in cold dormancy -- as long as you remove any lingering hip material, thats all you need to do. When I harvest my seeds, 98% of them come out of the hips without any noticeable hip flesh hanging on, and so they go straight into ziploc bags without much fuss. If you don't remove seeds before the hips turn mushy, then you do need to clean them a bit more. In those cases, I just put the seed into a stainless wire strainer and run them under water and run the seeds around the strainer by grinding them into the mesh a bit with my knuckles as they rinse.

HT seed doesn't need any different treatment as far as that goes, but HT and Floribunda seed in general is more sensitive to cold than many other types (compared to the Gallicanae), so do not let them freeze ever.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Oh that was VERY helpful!! Thank you sooooo much!
I really appreciate your help.

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