are my seeds ok? what to do now?

robiniaquest(z6 MO)December 5, 2007

I've never saved seed from roses before this year, but in late August I plucked a softening hip from Song of the Stars - must try to rescue babies from this gorgeous creature!!! - and stuck it in a ziploc bag in the fridge. Today I took it out to examine, and found it all mushy and brown. I opened it, and took out the seeds. They don't seem obviously bad, but then I don't really know what I'm doing. I was surprised that they are large and hard-coated like a morning glory seed or something. Does this mean I can soak them and start them inside like an mg? Have I given them enough of a cold treatment? I have heard of wintersowing roses, so I thought a low-tech approach may be ok...and, yes, it is cold outside and I'm really itching to plant something, anything...but I don't want to blow my chance at these, my first rose seeds from one of my fave roses. Thanks for any advice, info, or mere musings.

- robiniaquest

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the seeds should be fine. i'd just plant them in a shallow mixture of peat and sand and keep watered.

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robiniaquest(z6 MO)

Thanks so much. I'll give it a try.

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patsy_b(z8 Tx)

How exciting. Just remember that they most likely will not be the same bloom as the mother plant. I have many seedlings from the lovely (in my opinion) of Summer Wind which is a beautiful orange single. My seedling blooms range from some that are somewhat like the mother plant to double orange, white with orange edge as well as many others. 4th of July seedling has a lovely dark red bloom with none of the white like the mother. This is what makes starting roses from seed so exciting for me as you never know exactly what blooms you will get.

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I thought that rose seeds needed to spend months in the cold after the hip became dry. Maybe I am wrong, i hope i am wrong. I am very intimidated by growing roses by seed. But if it is easier than i think i will be giving it a try soon.

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kenny_bln(Berlin Germany)

This link might help


Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Roses From Seeds

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patsy_b(z8 Tx)

I do not have to do anything to the Summer Wind seed. I have started seedlings from it twice. All I did was to take the hips off, take the seed out and immediately plant in regular potting soil. With it I had good % germinating. I did the same with 4th of July, Summer Showers, and a few more. I got some seedlings of the others but very few. I planted them in October and they germinated in an unheated greenhouse in the winter so I could pot them up in the spring. I have found that I have no luck at all with germination in the heat of summer. I realize that this goes against all the experts but I can only tell of my experience. It seems to me that I have the best luck with the singles. Having said that I took seed from Sweet Vivian and did the cold treatment like One is suppose to and got exactly 0 plants.

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