Looking for Pedro Dot Roses

jobomiDecember 13, 2006

Roses like Catalonia, Girona, Mari Dot, Ibiza or Angel Guimerà are really hard to find in Spain. Dot nurseries doesn't grow this kind of roses.

I' have roses breeded by his son, Simon Dot, for instance, Tarde Gris, Mística, Centro de lectura, Rosaolor, Rose Dot.

I'd like to swap cuttings, if is possible.


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I'm sorry I can't help you with the Dot roses, which aren't in my area of rose interest, but I did want to welcome another European member to the Antique Rose forum. I'm an American living in northern Italy in the hills with a large young rose garden, mostly older and antique varieties, or English roses. How about yourself?


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Sorry, I spend most of my time on the Antique Rose forum and that's where I thought I was. You might want to put your question there. I know there are participants who are interested in the Pedro Dot roses, and they might be able to give you a hand. At least you'd have fellow enthusiasts. That forum and the Rose forum are more active than the Propagation forum.


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Thanks Melisa. Ti posso scrivere in italiano? Cosi posso esprimermi meglio.
Sono catalano, vivo in Barcelona, e ora sto in cerca di quelle rose dimenticate per i nipoti de Pedro Dot. Qui non ci sono molti tiffosi delle rose, pertanto, loro mi hanno detto que soltanto fanno crescere quelle varietà che possono vendere facilmente. Tutte quelle di Pedro Dot, dei anni 30, non posono reprodurle perche non hanno il materiale vegetale necessario.
Grazie Melissa

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daintybess(Z-6 Michigan)

I am thinking hortico carries one of these roses. I saw somthing about a dot rose in there list. I will check further and post more. Daintybess

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