winter cuttings of roses

pink_petunia_20862December 17, 2006

I was wondering if I can do cuttings of my rose now? I don't know what kind it is, but it isn't a fancy kind. I think it's a hedge rose. Anyway, I was wonderfing if anyone has any information on cuttings done this time of year. I was thinking I would take cuttings dipped in hormone and put them in milk jugs like winter sowing and put them in my grow room. It stays about 50 degrees right now, and has lights.

Has anyone done this?

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I am just guessing from the number in your GW name that you are in MD. Why not try hardwood cuttings that you can stick directly in the ground and let them do their thing over winter and then root in the spring? I am thinking that your roses have pretty much become doemant by this time of the year, so that would be alot easier than trying them inside at this point, not that it would not work, it might.

Do a search on this site, or on line for 'hardwood cuttings' and that should give you alot of information.

Let us know what you decide and your results.


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

I agree with Gerry, this is the perfect time to do dormant hardwood cuttings. They go right into the ground and if successful come spring you will have rooted cuttings.

I just remove the bottom 1/2" of the outer coating on the cutting, dip in rooting hormone. Then I take a pencil, make a hole in the ground and insert the cutting. Tamp down the soil and that's it. Sometimes I will water, sometimes I leave it to mother nature. I've had 25-75% sucess rate with hardwood cuttings and I'm pleased with that. I usually do 4 cuttings of each rose.


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If you want to try this next year, here is what works for me:

1) take good-sized cuttings (about the size and diameter of a #2 pencil) in late Sept. or October as the rose bushes are still green, but are about done blooming for the year.

2) clean the cuttings thoroughly in cold water, then drench them in a strong solution of bleach and cold water (1/2 c bleach to 2 gals water). Place cuttings immediately in clean ziplocks, then refrigerate in your lettuce drawer.

3) cuttings can be kept for up to 4 months in the refrigerator. They will stay green, just make sure they don't freeze. The bleach treatment should prevent mold & bacterial decay. You may find after 3 months that the green stems are starting to push out leafbuds behind the leaves still on the stem.

4) when you are ready, take the cuttings out of the fridge and repeat the bleach treatment as above. Then trim the cuttings the way you want to stick them, plunge them in a slightly warm bath of water + kelp solution (should be color of ice tea) for 10 mins. This is their first drink in 4 months, and very important.

5) stick the cuttings as you ordinarily would. I use a gel-based rooting hormone, but use the same stuff you are used to. In about 6-8 weeks you will see root initals and callous start to form, in 8-12 weeks you will have leafing out and real roots forming

I grow mine out under lights this way so I have some early season trades in March. In zone 7 you could easily be acclimating out your baby roses by march and preparing to plant them in the garden.

This year I have Reine des Violettes and Seafoam under lights (about 30 cuttings), and they are actually doing better than the cuttings I took in July and stuck immediately w/out refrigeration.

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What about dormant cuttings on knock out roses? Do they work as well? Or how about root cuttings do they work for roses? If not what is the best way to root knock outs?

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