How much snow did you get?

jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)October 27, 2006

We got about 8" really wet stuff. It rained for a couple hours before the snow fell, so we are really happy.

Unfortunately, there's quite a bit of tree damage. We have four large elm branches (3" diameter) on the ground and I haven't really inspected the whole yard.

P.S. The new Firefox rocks! Spell check built in! It isn't an upgrade, so you have to go download the new one.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Only about 2 or 3 inches here in Silt (west of Glenwood Springs). My plants didn't mind the snow too much, it was almost gone by the afternoon, but the hard freeze last night might have done them in for the year.

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singcharlene(Zone 5)

Yesterday, my son made a pole that he painstakingly drew precise inches and feet on from a yardstick. He stuck it outside in the snow just until he hit ground. According to that we got just barely under one foot of snow.

It's more snow than we got in any storm last year. It rained before the snow came here as well:)

We don't seem to have any tree damage. We did with last year's first storm though.

It sure is beautiful today. All that white is a novelty for this born & raised Calif. girl!

Have a nice day!


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1/4" snow, but a hail storm with 1/2 inch hail and very strong winds, which blew off most of the remaining leaves. The ground is saturated from all we've had over the past few months and even with that small amount from the last storm, its standing puddles.

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We kept less than 2 inches here at any time in Fountain though more fell here between the Springs and Pueblo. We had to cut down trees all over Colorado Springs for the apartment buiding we maintain, though. Knee deep in snow and over 60 degrees on Friday up there! I am loving all the rain and snow we have been getting lately.


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I live near Sterling. Didn't get a bit of moisture; no snow, no rain, no hail, just a lot of wind.

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Here in the Selkirk Mountains near the Idaho/Washington State line, I've been doing garden clean-up while the storm was hitting the Central Rockies.

The high temperature yesterday was 58 and the hardy greens are still growing fairly well. A sulfur butterfly flitted over the garden into the gentle breeze momentarily causing me some bewilderment. At first, I thought it was one of the final plum leaves blowing off the branches into the wind - a charmed moment.

A lady bug clung to my pants leg as I left the garden but then wanted out, out, OUT as soon as 4 walls surrounded her. I suspected she didn't have a great deal of foresight but helped her along its way.

Ah, the joys of living near the 49th parallel.


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So far, all we've gotten was a light dusting of graupel.

I just recently learned that the snow I always thought looked like a miniature ice cream cone had its own name and wanted to use it in a sentence.

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Is this the secret behind the Utah license plate? Your snow comes in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry?

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You must be commenting on that ice cream sundae Utah plate, David . . . I guess that's what that image is. Looks like it already has caramel topping. Now, I really like Utah so anything that promotes it is a good thing but I didn't know the snow also comes in flavors!?!

We've had some single digit temperatures in close-by locations but now a rainstorm - the TV guys say. And, isn't that what we are supposed to have here in the Greater Pacific NW?? We'll see . . . I'm expecting a sprinkle of rain turning to ice on the roadway followed by a little skiff of snow . . . Waaa hooo!!


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"Greatest snow in the world"

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bunkers(z5 CO)

Up on crowfoot valley rd, N. castle rock -- had at least 12" of snow. Still got some in my back yard, but should be gone by Fri or Sat.

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