Building a Small Shed

digit(ID/WA)October 11, 2012

I will be building a small shed this winter.

The linked site provides me with more inspiration than needed!


Here is a link that might be useful: Shedworking!

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

There's some really cool ideas on that site! My vote is for this one:


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Additional Inspiration!

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I have a silver grey roof on the carport, Marj. At certain times of the year, it is a little hard too look south from the kitchen window. I'd probably kill a neighbor or 2 with a mirror-walled shed!

Sunbird, those are an inspiration! The final 2-holer looks like the one we would see on visits to my mother's 1 room schoolhouse on nostalgic visits, 25 years after she had graduated.

I've gotta say that the log cabin in the pines really gave me pause. It looks so much like the one I built after the failure of my 1st marriage. I moved out on the family property and went to work on neighboring farms. It even (almost) has my little Ferguson tractor that I used to get in and outta there during winter months! My spontaneous thoughts on seeing the picture was, "Why have they put a driveway in the back of the cabin??" And, "What's with redoing the window in the loft?"

Hey, here's the possibility with a new shed: if I build it, it will be at one end of an 8' by 16' polycarbonate greenhouse! That greenhouse has sat unassembled in cardboard boxes for several years! (Didn't have a good place to put it but I got it on clearance. ;o)


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

But this "shed" is a three-holer, Digit! ;-)

And if you'd like a one room schoolhouse to go with it, how 'bout this one!

The "log cabin" in the pines is actually the original barn--100 years old--on the Poma Ranch at Pagosa Springs. So the upstairs "window" is actually the exterior door into the hay loft. But I can give you a log cabin to go with the barn if you'd like! (Also on the Poma Ranch, and almost as old as the barn!)

And Ye Olde Picnic Table to go along with it!

And Ye Olde Gas Pump to go along with the rest of them!

Ok! Losin' the shed theme on those last two!

While I think mirrored things are pretty cool, I agree with you, Digit! And if any of my neighbors put up anything at all with outside mirrored walls, I, uh, think they might mysteriously break very quickly! Hey! Our high-altitude, HOT sun does funny things to glass!!!

But if you've found room to build a shed--and you HAVE a greenhouse in a box, or two or ten!, you will not be allowed to build the shed (without mirrored walls!) unless you put up the greenhouse in conjunction with the shed somehow! We'll be WATCHING! [And just think of all the extra growing space you'd have next spring!]


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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Ok, yea - didn't think about what those mirrors would do with the reflected light! LOL - I suppose that would be a little difficult on the neighbors. Oh, and the poor little birds would be REALLY confused!!

But it sure is cool look'n. Did you see the front view?

Ok, forgo the mirrors and just make all the walls plant friendly like the others, but with some panes of regular clear glass like the front ;^).

Love that old gas pump pic, Skybird.

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Pagosa Springs sure looks here - and that was my thought when I visited, years ago. I'd probably change my story if I was there during the winter, tho'.

They are actually selling sedum turf - if that's what it is called - for green roofs in the UK! There's an entire package that you can have put on that is somehow specific for a green roof.

A city hereabouts essentially lost a mayor about 15 years ago. Or I can say, the mayor lost re-election about 15 years ago for just suggesting that a green roof could replace the gravel on the city hall roof!

But, I may be fighting but I'm not building city hall.

The neighbor over the back fence came by a couple of days ago. He wants to give me his garden. It is a match for the tiny thing I've got here at home.

I can have all the square feet I want at the distant Big Veggie garden. Of course, that is distant. This would be on the other side of the fence.

I suggested a "protected gardening structure" and he was receptive. He just wants a backyard with green grass, a patio & a place for his barbeque & smoker. He had heart surgery recently and couldn't keep up his garden before that. So, we may have a deal.

He said he'd be happy to supply the materials for a gate & it occurred to me that a very small, 4' by 8' shed could be what replaces his fence panel. I would be delighted if this is how it goes and unless he changes his mind in a couple of months, will have this "complex" set up by spring!

Oh, and a problem with putting the greenhouse/shed in my own yard other than that I barely have the room -- it would violate building codes. I've already got more covered square feet on the lot than permissible. (I distracted the inspector when he was okaying the greenhouse I built 15 years ago. He didn't think to measure it.)


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Here is what it is likely to look like. Just your basic shed and I may not need a wall on the south side, at all.

The south wall depends on how the 8' x 16' greenhouse will fit against it.

Actually in my yard, this shed may be in the future but 1st I have to see my chicken coop rolling out the gate. Unlike my rustic little coop, this would actually enhance the value of my tiny bit of property here at home. No Hens Allowed!

All doable, if the Good Lord is willing & the creek don't rise.


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I don't think I have the skill with glass for this.

The owners must enjoy natural light. The entire building can be turned on its foundation.


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