Sure they're homely, but . . .

digit(ID/WA)October 20, 2007

. . . leeks with spuds make really good potato soup!

These are fairly small. Last year was the first for me to try leeks. I'd always assumed that they were more suitable for coastal climates and wouldn't do well in the interior. Last year, some were nearly the size of baseball bats!

I grew 2 varieties that time - one with a Russian name I can no longer find and Lancelot. Lancelot is commonly available and it did very well. This year, I forgot to order seed and was left with what the garden center had - American Flag. I'm not going to be fooled by being patriotic. Lancelot did much better in 2006.

Large or small, they are well worth growing.


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cnetter(z5 Co)

I don't grow leeks, but I grow elephant garlic, which I read somewhere was really a leek.
It does well here. The huge seed heads are kinda pretty.

If you eat leeks, do you smell like leek the next day?

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That's a difficult question to answer, Cnetter . . .

The smell and flavor are a lot like onions and onions are a favorite food around here.

Ours is a small, close family. No one visits. So I may never know the answer to that leek question . . .


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MMMM, the look delicious and fresh. I love leek, great in potatoe soup or any other, also good sauteed.

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Thanks Bianchi, and for added interest . . . may I suggest more homely but delightfully tasty treats from the garden?

(Not talking about the fresh veggies nor the yellow & red onions altho' the red Mars Sweets are holding up really well.)

Maybe they don't count as delicacies but they're certainly choice and special - shallots!!

Perhaps they aren't difficult to grow (put 'em in the ground and forget about 'em) but they are unproductive in my garden. Is it because I put Âem in the ground and forget Âem? I swear they can nearly end the season the same number of bulbs as I set out in the Spring. Or, maybe it's that they are tiny and so easy to eat quickly and I'm forced to save some for next year's garden . . .

Along with an Italian sweet pepper, the shallots were sautéed and included with scrambled eggs this morning for breakfast:

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I guess I could say that the red Mars sweet onions are purple. Why do we call that color onion "red?"

Grew the Mars, Walla Walla, Ringmaster, and whatever those yeller sets are from the wholesale house. Don't think I'll go with the Ringmaster again, a lot of those plants tried to bolt to seed and the others didn't keep well, at all. We need a few weeks to eat a row of giant onions - we're only human. The yeller ones can be kept until the cows come home. They'll be coming home sometime won't they?

Of course the red things in the picture are the few remaining 'maters ripening in the kitchen.


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david52 Zone 6

My Mars onions didn't form this year (is it called 'form' or 'bulb'?) and they're still out there with 1" dia stalks.

Which is ok, because they can be sliced up finely and used like leeks. Except tonight, it may get down to 19º F, which may do them in.

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