'Rosarium Uetersen'

paul_zone5ct(5)June 16, 2007

An outstanding winter-hardy climber for zone 5. Only have a year's experience with it, but so far I give it a big thumbs-up. A definite coral shade of pink, good-size blooms, loads of petals, lots of blooms in the cluster (sometimes too many), self-cleaning, beautiful holly-like foliage. The flower sometimes takes on a carnation-like form. Let's see how well it repeats. -Paul

Image link:

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Paul, Beautiful picture!

Hey, BTW, how tall is your's? Mine, for some reason is very short. It is a climber and although I've had her for 3 years is barely 2 feet tall! She is in a southern exposure area w/ good drainage & food. I don't understand why she's not getting taller.


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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Betty, it's not a true climber but will climb in increments. Mine was making 3'-6' shoots the first season as a bareroot. After some years, it's 10' x 10' in two dimensions.

Paul, mine repeats enough to notice but nothing like the huge spring flush.

It is a good cut flower, clusters lasting a week with some grooming. Buds opening inside are raspberry red/pink. The outside color is highly variable by climate and weather.

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Betty, mine is not tall, less than 2 feet, but I've only had it a year, and it was a tiny own-root when I got it. Last season it was in a pot.

Thanks, Michael for your observations about this rose. Looks like a keeper for me. -Paul

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

I love this rose. It's not only cheerful but healthy and your pictures are very nice.

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This is one of the best climbers. It is such a healthy rose. The colors range from dark coral pink to strawberry red. It is old-fashioned looking, ruffled and amazingly beautiful in full bloom. It's an attention grabber.

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Very interesting . Wow , lots of petals. HMF says apple fragrance.

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I live in western South Dakota. I have successfully grown Improved Blaze and Graham Thomas in my yard. I fell in love with Rosarium Uetersen when I saw it for the first time in San Jose, CA last August. Do you think I can grow it here. Any advice/suggestion will be much appreciated.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

I have 4 of them and I have kind of resigned myself to their being shrubs with our Iowa winters. They tend to grow out laterally and are a challenge at least for me to tip.

I may change the trellis that I have them on, so I can get to them easier.

Still a very nice healthy beast with a supurb spring flush.

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When I went rose shopping - with a LIST of targeted roses which Rosarium Uetersen was NOT on - I saw it blooming in the pot........and came home with two. I think something on my list got sacrificed for them!

The plants were labeled "Seminole Wind" and when I looked for info on them, "Rosarium Uetersen" popped up as an alternate name. Personally, I prefer Seminole Wind as a name!

Anyway, I didn't know that it was a climber but when I discovered it was, planted it accordingly. I sure hope mine gets taller than 2 feet! Yikes!

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artemis_mo(z5b MO)

texaslyn....how is Seminole Wind doing? I'm considering putting it in my garden. Any comments appreciated. THANKS!

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I started with two........and now have three! All planted along a split rail fence. They are growing nicely although slowly but have bloomed quite a bit. I love the color and shape of the flower (it was the carnation shape that attracted me in the first place). Here is a picture when it was blooming:

This rose seems to be one of those that I can put into the category of "no spray" which, for this area, means A LOT. Most everything, including roses listed as "highly disease resistant" will get some BS but this one has not shown any sign AT ALL. I have been astounded by this! While I am spraying other stuff, I just pass this one by!


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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Updating my post of two years ago, repeat bloom improved in '07 and '08 to quite good for a climber. The current spring flush has an overwhelming abundance of the big, bright flowers-- hundreds of them.

I see a couple of entries at HMF complaining of no fragrance. Strength varies, but usually it has a quite good fruity scent to my nose.

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Well, I guess I'm going to have to get down on the ground and stick my nose into a bloom to see if it "smells"! (my plants are still relatively small). I swear, half the time anymore, I have trouble detecting scents on even the stronger scented roses! Very irritating! I'm not that old -yet!


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petsitterbarb(Zone 6, N.E. OK)

I've read numerous posts about this rose having no fragrance, but WOW...the photos of this rose on Help Me Find are just incredible, as are the posts regarding it's disease resistance, including the dreaded blackspot. I haven't seen any reference to it's thorns though. Would anyone care to let me know how "evil" it is in this department? Thanks so much for any comments!

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I want this rose so bad, anyone know where I can get it in Canada let me know,

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I bought this rose from Palatine last week (in a pot). They also sell it bare root starting September 1st. You can also order it from Pickering Nursery (they ship bare root roses).

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Thanks Svetlana.

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