seeds changed color??

canadian_rose(zone 3a)December 30, 2013

Hi everyone!
This is my first time with hybridizing roses.

Our growing season was way too short this year (with the flooding) and I only got one hip (Rock & Roll) to partially ripen. The seeds are in baggies now.

So, my friend gave me a ton of her hybrid rugosa seeds. I washed them with water and a bit of H2O2. Then I put them in dampened (not sopping wet - but holding water in a damp way) peat moss (with H2O2 - just a bit).

So today I went out to water my roses (potted) and found three hips that were still viable. I'm very excited!!
I got
Abraham Darby - 2 seeds
Enchanted Evening - - 15
Frederic Mistral - 20

But now comes the questions!!

1. I checked my old seeds from the rugosas (in the fridge) and all of the seeds have changed from that pearly white color to a tanned and more shriveled seed.

- Did they die? Are they okay?

2. So my new seeds are still nice and pearly colored. Should I put them in the fridge? Will they change too?

3. Would the seeds be better in my insulated garage???


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seil zone 6b MI

I refrigerate all my seeds. Yes, sometimes they change color but it hasn't seemed to stop them from germinating. I would let them go a little longer and see what happens. You really have nothing to lose by keeping them. You don't say how long you've had them in the fridge but mine can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks to germinate. I've also had some that didn't germinate until their second year. Don't give up hope yet.

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All of mine have changed to an orange or tan color (depending on the seed parent) while being cold stratified. I think it is normal.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Okay! :)
Thanks you two!

I'll put the new roses in the fridge too. :)

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