my first rose cuttings rooted in water

Vangy(SW Mi)December 28, 2005

I took these cuttings about a month ago, from dormant bushes. One is a single petal white, tiny stemmed cuttings, rooted at the lowest node in water w/ rootone, glass vase in east window.

The other from a bigger rambling rose w/ delicate pink flowers that get 3-4 inches across. Buds have become stems w/ leaves, no sign of roots yet. They are in glass, north window, w/ rootone also. How long could it be b/4 I get roots?

I made "grafting cuttings". An older friend, who is 88 took a cutting w/ "tail" from one of my roses I took her in Nov. & it rooted in plain water in less than 3 weeks. She helped her father do grafting on the farm. I am thinking of taking cuttings from this same bush now to see if they will root for me.

I have done layering in the past from older rose bushes.

Vangy likes to play in the dirt year round.

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Cool. I did not know you get them to root this time of year.

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Vangy(SW Mi)

I have put 8 cuttings in potting soil, will keep it moist. On south window sill over sink to watch carefully. may or may not need to tent them, time will tell.
Novices do the darndest things LOL

Vangy plays in the dirt year round........

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Very, very interesting. I know that you can root cuttings of plants in water but this is the first time I read of rooting rose cuttings in water. I wonder if this will work with soft/hard wood cuttings from non-dormant plants. Has anyone any experience to share?


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Last summer I had an arrangement of roses from my garden inside in a vase of water on my kitchen table. There were there a long time, all of the roses were brown and dry before I finally got around to throwing them out. As I was throwing them out, I noticed that 3 stems of roses from a bush called Prosperity were still green. When I pulled them out they had all rooted. I potted them up and they are fine and healthy bushes now. This happened by accident due to being too lazy to throw away a dead flower arrangement.

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I am hoping an "old bouquet" will root for me. They're in a clear vase in 2-3 inches of water w/ "take root" sprinkled in. So far I have green leaves growing. I'll keep you posted if I get roots.

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jbcarr(7 VA)

Last year I had 2 Mrs BR Cant roses root in water on a sunny windowsill. We had cut the flowers, and the leaves stayed on. So we left them, changed the water weekly, and it worked. This year I have had the same luck with Marchel Neal. So far about 50/50 on that one, as I lost one in the transition to the potting mix. I have a third one that is forming roots as we speak. I think its hit or miss which ones will form roots, but no doubt that some do. In my limited experience, they don't form a huge root system in the water, but will form a callus, and roots about 5 mm in length.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

I'm trying some cuttings of a found rose (I think it's Louis Phillipe) to root in water. It's been a week and they look healthy so far and are growing little nubs under the water.
I got some young willow branches about midweek and stuck some twigs in the jars with the cuttings and I really think it's helped them.
I never done roses this way before but I know it with other things. Usually the part where I lose things is the transition to dirt.
I was curious how y'alls cutting were doing from these posts in Jan.?

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Thank you for your postings, I have the same quandary myself and was wondering if you could offer some advice.
I have also neglected a bouquet of roses that I picked from my garden. After the flowers dried and dislodged from the stem, I noticed leaves growing from the crooks in the stem. I am quite curious to see if roots develop in the water. But, from what I gather from the information on the internet; it appears as though the proper way to propagate is to root the cuttings in the soil.
So, in your advanced experience with this occurrence, would it be more effective to switch the cuttings into a well draining soil mixture rather than to wait for root growth in water? Or should I simply add a root growth stimulant into the existing configuration?

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I took 2 cuutings from my rose plant(fame) and placed them in water...just to see what happens and placed it by the east window.But they Actually stayed green and even put out a few new leaves while in water.Meanwhile i started seeing this huge mass of cells grow at the cut...milky white in color.From what i have read in this discussion i am guessing its a callus.BTW its been 2 months since i put the cuttings in water.

So my question is ....
1)do they put out roots after this in water or

2)should i transfer them to a pot with soil?.

3)And should i even be doing this transferring at this time of the year?

I hope someone Can help.I dont want to do something wrong and mess up this thing.Please advice.



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FWIW, I took my cuttings that I put in the wrong mix (half peat half vermiculite), and I brought most of them in for the winter. Some of these had lost all their leaves but stems were still green. I dumped off the peat/vermiculite (mix drains well but does not soak up water, it was very dry, don't recommend it at all) and saw they had each formed a very small callus but no roots except two that I had set in the north window inside in a ziplock bag. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I mixed a new batch of half peat and half pearlite that George Mander recommended, restuck them, did not dip them in more rooting hormone, recovered with the soda bottle, put them in the east window, finally took the cap off because I lost some from rot, and several have rooted with the bigger roots you can see through the plastic cup and are putting out new leaves. I tried my first batch in potting soil, I don't think I would use that unless I could get the brand George uses and set up a misting system under lights he has such success with. I think it is difficult to transition them without a healthier root system into potting soil, that is where you are likely to lose the ones you were lucky enough to root even if they aren't so fragile. Two that had skinny tiny roots about 1/2 inch long, many and spread out (north window inside ones), I did put directly in potting soil very carefully rather than the peat/pearlite medium, and they both have died. I suppose each variety behaves differently. A note about the east window. If these hadn't already lost their leaves, I would have put them in a shadier spot. The ones that do have new leaves now, I took the cap off so they can get a little ventilation and am watching them like a hawk. I don't know if I will be able to get them through the winter or not.

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my mother has a blind Boyfrined and he knocked the only bud off my new rosebush. I bought it when it was already blooming so i would know what it looked like later and was getting excited at the new bud that was forming. Today I went out to check it after the rain and noticed the poor stem it was on dangling so i brought it in and placed it in a cup of water in a western facing window. I have my fingers crossed that it will root out. is there anything else I should do to it?

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About 2 weeks ago, my husband brought home roses for our daughter's 4th birthday. Instead of putting them in a vase, I used a glass milk bottle. I don't know if the milk bottle is acting like greenhouse because I noticed this morning that all of the roses have new growths shooting off the stems. I've never had that happen before from store bought roses, so now I want to try to root them. Being Feb near Chicago I am thinking I will change out the water, and maybe slit the bottoms of the stems, and keep them in the milk jug for a couple more weeks before potting them? I didn't expect to do more than throw the dead flowers out, but now it seems as though we have an interesting experiment brewing :)

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seil zone 6b MI

HurriKane, that new growth may just be from stored energy in the canes and does not mean they are growing...yet! Once the blooms have died cut them off. Then you can slit them or just scrape the sides a little to reveal some of the inner layers. Then dip them in rooting hormone and stick them in clear plastic cups with holes in the bottom and soil. I use starter mix but you can use a light weight potting soil too. Keep them moist but not too soggy. Do not let them dry out! Put them either under lights or in a south facing window where they'll get the best light. It will take at least a month for them to root and maybe longer. As long as the stems stay green they're still viable. Keep watching the sides and bottoms of the cups for roots. Once you see roots in the cups you can pot them up and acclimate them to the outside. Grow them in pots until they are of a good size and then plant them in the ground just like any other rose!

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