Overwinter plants??

ruthzNovember 15, 2011

I have a few plants I might try to overwinter in my makeshift greenhouse (covered & insulated canopy).


Tobago Seasoning

Trinidad Seasoning

Beaver Dam

Tennessee Cheese

Do you cut it back?

What will the advantage be of overwintering instead of planting new seeds?

Hopefully more pepper all year instead of just in the late summer and fall.

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Overwintering will enable a much longer growing season and in your case, year round. Sure you could cut them back but if you can keep them warm enough (50 degrees) plus, you can probably just leave them be and let them continue to put out blooms and pods all winter long. Overwintering in Wisconsin isn't practical unless you keep the plants indoors. To keep them indoors, it is probably advisable to cut them way back but if you have a greenhouse with adequate temp regulation and room, I would let them continue to produce all winter.
I have two Hot Hungarian Wax plants and a Bhut Jolokia trimmed back during the long winter, waiting for spring. My Bhut was over three feet tall and four feet wide when I trimmed it back. Here is what it looked like when I first trimmed it:

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