My Siling Labuyo Pics/Description

world_tomatoesNovember 29, 2012

Had a great time growing these this year. I found that they are a good substitute for jalapenos in salsa and are great in stir fry if you are adventurous.

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I received seeds through a friend and have been growing this wonderful pepper for probably five years now. I have four plants that are still ripening peppers now (11/30). They have a great flavor and a short lived but intense burn. They are versatile in their uses and can be air dried and stored for later use. I dried around 60 of them and put them through my coffee grinder to make some extra hot red pepper flakes. I love this pepper and will be growing it as long as I continue to grow hot peppers.

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I do the same thing with the red pepper flakes! Just had som lasagna with dried crushed siling labuyo. I have also sprinkled it on pizza. It is a great little pepper.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Whoa! For a minute there I was thinking that was the pointiest tomato I've ever seen. And pointy tomatoes with heat are A-okay with me.

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